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Will Naga Chaitnya’s back-to-back flop movies is a sign for him to make better choices when it comes to picking movies?

Will Naga Chaitnya’s back-to-back flop movies is a sign for him to make better choices when it comes to picking movies?

It had been a great start for Naga, with two films, ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ and ‘Thank You’ releasing this year, or at least that’s what he hoped for.

So far, as per the trade reports, ‘Thank You’ has been the biggest flop of 2022. The film directed by Vikram Kumar with Naga as the leading role turned out to be a damp squib at the box office. It just managed to raise ₹3 Cr worldwide. With Vikram Kumar as a director, who has successfully delivered many hit films, it was expected for the movie to give a skyrocket result but instead, it came at a loss of almost ₹15 Cr to its producers.

But then, Naga hoped his hindi debut in Bollywood would change things for him, especially a movie starring Aamir Khan as one of the lead role. However, this movie that Aamir Khan and his team really spent about a few years working towards, didn’t really turn out to give the success that was expected out of it. The film flopped at the box office. Laal Singh Chaddha’s running total is now at ₹45 Cr. For a film that took 3 years to produce and 14 overall to produce, this is a disastrous result.

In no way the film helped Naga Chaitanya. He has witnessed two flops back to back. Naga Chaitanya is a well-known Telugu actor who has won several film awards including the Filmfare award for Best Male Debut. In the initial years, the actor did a pretty great job in films like ‘100% Love’, ‘Tadkha’, etc. along with some movies that didn’t too well. He also just witnessed two flops in a short span of just 2 months.

They say failure is a part of success but failure to change isn’t. Is this a sign for Naga Chaitanya to re-evaluate the choices of his films?

It’s a tough time for Naga, who has scored a major dud in these past few months. But his films have constantly received negative backlashes and unanimous negative reviews from the audience over both films. While his hopes might have been crushed with back-to-back disappointments, we are soon looking forward to seeing him bounce back with more success and worldwide love for the amazing that he does.







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