Who is Ramesh Babu – Millionaire Barber And Hardworking

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Ramesh Babu The Barber

India’s tech hub Bengaluru Karnataka, having a lot of common people working hard, for their daily livelihood.  Among these common men, is a man who has achieved something uncommon through his dedication and hard work, named Mr. Ramesh Babu. The success he has bagged till now is usually considered to be a fortune, but he earned it through his hard work.

Ramesh Babu, who started his career by selling newspapers. His mother used to work as a servant at other’s houses in order to educate her children. And today, because of his hard work and strong determination he has earned his status symbol, by owning a Rolls Royce which costs around 6 to 7 crores in Indian Rupees.

Coming to his work, through which he has earned success of this level. Mr. Ramesh is a person who cuts men’s hair as an occupation, he is a barber. Looking at his status standard one must wonder that he would be charging a bomb for the haircut. Actually, no, the charge is just Rs.150.

Mr. Ramesh babu not only earns a Rolls Royce, but he owns more than 378 cars, among which 120 are luxury cars.

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Actually, other than his salon business, Mr. Ramesh also runs a car rental business. He gives many different types of cars in rent among which the famous ones are Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Rolls Royce. One just has to name the brand of the car and can have it in rent.

Looking at his car rental business, one must think that Mr.Ramesh got all this as inheritance, which is obviously not true, he has earned all this through his hard work and determination.

Ramesh Babu, started working when he reached the age of 14, he used to get up in the morning, where all the other kids used to go to play, Mr. Ramesh used to sell newspapers and milk. By selling newspapers and milk he used to earn Rs. 100 every month.

After his father’s death, his uncle used to look after the salon business, but Mr. Ramesh always dreamt of doing something big, and at the age of 18, he took over the responsibilities of the salon. Somedays, Ramesh babu had to work from morning 6 a.m to 2 a.m next morning due to the overcrowdedness of customers in his salon. From the start, Mr. Ramesh was not satisfied with the salon business. He always aspired to do something big and become successful.  He always knew that in order to achieve that level of success, he has to even the power of thinking and passion and increase his hard work. So, in 1993, he bought a Maruti Omni on loan for his personal use. But there was a twist, Mr. Ramesh was out of money for months and was not able to repay his loan.

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Ramesh then got a suggestion of renting a car from a woman named Nandini where his mother used to work, which changed his life and gave him to route to success.

Mr. Ramesh was unstoppable after that, he then achieved his success step by step, and now he is one of the men in India who owns a Rolls Royce. Mr. Ramesh continued his hair salon business too.

Mr. Ramesh is a perfect example of a successful man with his hard work and determination.

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