When Will The Marvel Series Wandavision Season 2 Return To Disney Plus? How Many Episodes Of Wandavision Are There To Be?

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

For those eager for their next MCU fix and wondering exactly what time Marvel’s WandaVision comes out each week, the brand new Disney Plus series is being released Fridays at midnight PT/3 am ET. WandaVision has released its first eight episodes, which started to drop on Friday, January 15, followed by one new episode every week for the rest of its release schedule.

WandaVision season 2 release date

If there were for another season of WandaVision, it likely would not arrive on Disney Plus for quite some time.

Elizabeth Olsen is now busy filming her critical role in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, which is scheduled for launch on 25th March 2022.

Based on where that movie leaves Wanda Maximoff, yet another streaming show could be a possibility, however, Marvel Studios would want to give fans plenty of time to get caught up before they dropped the next season in her story.

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For that reason, forecasts that any possible second season of WandaVision would not be released until January 2023 at the earliest.

WandaVision season 2 cast

On the off-chance which WandaVision does return, it’s possible that the cast could seem quite different.

Elizabeth Olsen would have to reprise the role of Wanda Maximoff for almost any follow-up to existing, but there’s no guarantee that Paul Bettany’s Vision is alive at all.

Teyonah Parris has amazed lovers in her debut appearance as Monica Rambeau, but she is all set to move on to the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, so it’s possible her character’s journey will diverge from Wanda’s route at that point.

We could see allies Darcy Lewis and Jimmy Woo reunite, played with Kat Dennings and Randall Park respectively, provided they aren’t currently committed to some other MCU projects and they’ve been such a popular group among fans.

As mentioned before, if Wanda’s superpowered children have been brought back, it’s probably by that point they would have to be played with 2 elderly actors so anticipate a recast.

Question marks remain over Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness and Evan Peters’ fake Pietro (AKA Fietro), as the WandaVision finale will likely dictate if it could be possible for either to come back for more Marvel insanity.

We’ll update this page with additional upgrades on a possible WandaVision season two as they arrive.

How Many Episodes of WandaVision Are There Going to Be?

Here’s the full WandaVision Season 1 release schedule:

  • Episode 1 – “Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience”: Friday, January 15 – Available Now
  • Episode 2 – “Don’t Touch That Dial”: Friday, January 15 – Available Now
  • Episode 3 – “Now in Color”: Friday, January 22 – Available Now
  • Episode 4 – “We Interrupt This Program”: Friday, January 29 – Available Now
  • Episode 5 – “On a Very Special Episode…”: Friday, February 5 – Available Now
  • Episode 6 – “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”: Friday – Available Now
  • Episode 7: – “Breaking the Fourth Wall”: Friday, February 19 – Available Now
  • Episode 8: – “Previously On”: Friday, February 26 – Available Now
  • Episode 9: Friday, March 5 – Season 1 Finale

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