When Will Queer Eye Season 6 Release On Netflix?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Netflix’s Queer Eye is a well-loved series following a group of homosexual professionals called’Fab Five’ who provides lifestyle and fashion makeovers to guests.

They’re like Cinderella’s modern fairy-godmother, prepared to transform the lives of individuals who desired a tiny Tender Love and Care.

Season 5 has just landed on Netflix, but just like every good display, fans are always quick to ask if more episodes are all coming.

Has Queer Eye Been Renewed For Season 6?

Rejoice Queer Eye fans! Queer Eye was officially confirmed for season 6! The information came in mid-March via the show’s official Twitter page, nearly 3 months before season 5, even aired on Netflix.

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The group managed to film one episode before getting temporarily shut down on account of this Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Digital Spy, among the Fab Five Bobby Berk said: “We obtained about a single episode finished, and then coronavirus came. So today we are just waiting to hear when we begin filming .”

When Will Queer Eye Season 6 Release On Netflix?

We do not have an official release date yet, but when we base it on the past seasons, it’s likely to be available sometime in the Australian summer. Queer Eye usually releases two seasons per year, but this was before the planet had been ruined from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Together with the pandemic still looming, there is a pretty huge chance season 6 may be postponed as well.

It’s a fantastic thing that Queer Eye season 5 release with ten episodes, the longest season to date, for it could take some time before we could see the follow-up season.

Where Is Queer Eye Filming For Season 6?

Queer Eye season 6 will probably have the Fab Five” yield to their Southern roots” in Austin, Texas, to start looking for a new collection of heroes that needs a life-changing makeover.

Who Is Will Be Coming In Queer Eye Season 6?

The guest list of those who will receive the life-changing makeover stays unknown yet. But, we do know that the Fab Five ‘ are definitely coming back to use their expertise to level-up the lifestyles of the lucky individuals in season 6.

The Fab Five includes food and wine extraordinaire Antoni Porowski, style specialist Tan France, culture and lifestyle extraordinaire Karamo Brown, layout specialist Bobby Berk and dressing table extraordinaire Jonathan Van Ness.

Is There An Official Trailer For Queer Eye Season 6?

There is no official preview for Queer Eye season 6 yet but will keep you updated after it drops soon.

For the time being, here’s a psychological preview of Queer Eye season 5. Let us take a look at a few of those guests whose lives changed in the series’s most up-to-date season.

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