What Do You Think Is Going To Happen On NCIS Season 18 Episode 13?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

As we prepare for NCIS season 18 episode 13, we’re going to continue to see Jethro Gibbs continue to fight for what is right even if that means that he never gets his old job back.

From the promo below, it is possible to see precisely how far Mark Harmon’s character is willing to go planning to testify in a court case that could have enormous ramifications on Navy servicemen and women. He’s speaking out from a financial advisor who may have done some unspeakable things, and there is clearly some sort of tie in here to NCIS itself. It’s the sort of thing that could introduce acute problems within the business or beyond, to the point where Vance warns him of the consequences. When he goes through with his decision to testify, it could signify the end of the road because of his career. He may not be able to return to his post after the fact.

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To the surprise of very few at this point, Gibbs appears totally fine for this thought. He has been at peace with being away from your team over the past couple of episodes, largely because he felt as though it had been reasonable punishment for what he did. He doesn’t want to skate, and it feels like Gibbs generally is on a mission to weed out any corruption or favoritism, including things that are tied to himself.

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Given there are only four more episodes to go this season, we have to imagine that things are going to be more extreme from here on out.

What Do You Think Is Going To Happen On Ncis Season 18 Episode 13?

Is it truly likely that Gibbs will never come back to the team? Make sure you talk about it right away from the attached opinions! Once you do precisely that, make sure to return around for various other updates.

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