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What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 4?

Next week’s New Amsterdam season 3 episode 4 carries with it the name of”This Is All I Need” and to the surprise of nobody, there are large decisions which need to be made. Oh, and of course Dr. Max Goodwin is the person who needs to make them.

Below, we have got the New Amsterdam season 3 episode 4 synopsis with some more insight about what you can expect to see coming up:

Max journeys to Connecticut to bring Luna back to New York but second-guesses his instincts if he sees her with her grandparents. Bloom takes actions to make sure her staff feels safe in the office while Reynolds takes a backseat in the cardiac unit. Sharpe struggles to lean on Dr. Cassian Chin (Daniel Dae Kim) while still dealing with a family crisis. TV-14

The huge story to us is obviously the one around Luna, and he is facing some of the very same questions that he had been tonight trying to figure out what it really means to be safe in a time like this. We all know he’s doing what he can to make New Amsterdam a secure and safe environment, but he’s still medical manager of a public hospital in a few of the most trying times in our nation’s history. There are a whole lot of struggles that can happen at just about every minute, and it is possible that Luna’s grandparents can offer up a greater feeling of stability at the moment.

1 other thing that will be intriguing to see moving forward is what occurs with Sharpe and Cassian, especially as there are a lot of people rooting for Sharpe to end up using Max instead. While there is no guarantee the two will get together, can it be possible that seeing her in another relationship could open Max’s eyes? It may at least make him explore some things that, for one reason or another, he has not up to now.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To New Amsterdam Season 3 Episode 4?

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