What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To NCIS Season 18 Episode 12?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

After tonight’s all-important”Gut Punch,” what is going to be coming on NCIS season 18 episode 12? Also, what is the return?

It is correct that we must kick off this article (unfortunately) with another dose of bad news: There is not any new installment on the air next week. We only got the show back on the air! Why do so? We wish we had a much better answer for you, but this is merely the way that CBS does things occasionally.

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Our huge point of frustration right now is that we don’t have a lot more to share past the return date of Tuesday, April 20, and then also the name: “Sangre.” That’s translated to mean”blood,” which certainly doesn’t seem altogether favorable, right?

When looking at the season more through a large-scale lens, we know that there are five episodes left until things come to a close and that Pam Dawber is set to appear in three more beyond what you got tonight. There’s not any confirmation at the moment that a season 19 is coming, but it is hard to imagine NCIS ending in a sense where there’s no appropriate lead-up for anyone. We haven’t heard of anybody among the cast and crew entering the end of the season thinking it’s the ending. There can be things to work out (including a contract for Mark Harmon), but there is time to chat about it down the road.

The important thing to note here is that: Regardless of the wait, rest assured that more amazing NCIS stuff is coming.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To Ncis Season 18 Episode 12?

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