What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To All American Season 3 Moving Forward?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Is All American brand new tonight on The CW? We know that for a lot of people, there’s a real eagerness to reach the other side of the hiatus. The show left on such a big note that, of course, we want more insight on what’s next! In particular, we have ta know what’s going to be coming up for Spencer and Olivia.

Luckily, we know that we’re going to be moving into the next phase of the show soon. we’re also just not there yet. Regrettably, there’s absolutely no new installment tonight and we’re stuck waiting until next week to see”Testify” the first episode back. In Case You Haven’t seen the synopsis under for it yet, it will take a mighty good job of setting the stage and getting you hyped:

MAKING THE ideal CHOICE Spencer (Daniel Ezra) is angry with Olivia (Samantha Logan), which leaves him to confront some difficult truths of his own. Olivia makes things even worse, leaving Billy (Taye Diggs), Laura (Monet Mazur), and Jordan (Michael Evans Behling) worried. Billy is in search of a kicker and retains school tryouts and can be amazed at who the number one candidate turns out to be. Meanwhile, Montes (guest star Alexandra Barreto) provides Asher (Cody Christian) a tough choice about his soccer career, and Coop (Bre-Z) makes a decision about school after talking with her mom. Greta Onieogou and Karimah Westbrook also star. Ryan Zaragoza directed the episode written by Robert D. Doty & Micah Cyrus (#309). Original airdate 4/12/2021.

We obviously hope that this episode gives us some answers in regards to Spencer’s intimate life and Asher’s future, but also set the stage for some new surprises. The real challenge for a series like this is simple: You need to have the ability to pay off some long-term threads that will probably keeper ones going. You always need people to be excited to see!

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What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To All American Moving Forward?

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