Weekly Update on Aapki Nazron ne Samjha: The Show ends with a Good News

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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Charmi kidnaps Rajvi and locks her in a secret room this week. Meanwhile, Nandini becomes concerned about Rajvi. She inquires about her with Parul, who responds negatively. They all become tense, and Vini expresses her concern. Charmi happily cancels her wedding, while Shobhit is taken aback by her conversation. He questions her about it, and she chastises him for considering marriage while his mother is missing. She also speaks negatively about Rajvi, which enrages Shobhit, and he departs after rebuking her. She smirks as Nandini becomes suspicious of her and confronts her. Charmi pretends to be depressed in front of Nandini and asks her to bring Rajvi to her as soon as possible.

Vipul suspects Toral is behind the incident and requests that she return Rajvi. Chetan tries to persuade him that Toral is incapable. Darsh arrives and confronts Vipul about his actions, to which the latter makes some excuses. Meanwhile, Nandini decides to talk to Charmi but is surprised to see Darsh’s portrait inside her room. She sees Mrs. Patil’s call on Charmi’s number and flees as Charmi returns. The latter attempts to locate her phone and departs in search of it. Nandini tries everyone’s birthdate to unlock Charmi’s phone and is taken aback when Darsh’s birthdate unlocks it. Charmi, she concludes, adores Darsh. Mrs. Patil calls her and she is shocked to learn that Charmi is attempting to cancel her wedding and that there is some connection between Rawals and Toral.

Darsh enters Charmi’s room to speak with her about the wedding, while she hugs him and pretends to be concerned about Rajvi. He consoles and then departs.

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What will happen next in Aapki Nazron ne Samjha

Ahead, Nandini questions Shobhit about his relationship with Charmi, to which he responds that she has changed dramatically. Later, they all become concerned about Rajvi and attempt to locate her. Parul distracts Vini’s attention by playing a train video, while Toral becomes enraged upon hearing the train’s sound and enters Parul’s room. Vipul and Jhilmil are able to take Toral away, while Vipul continues to blame Toral for Rajvi’s disappearance. Nandini decides not to tell Darsh about her suspicions about Charmi and later joins Parul in supporting Toral. Charmi enjoys the drama as Vipul becomes enraged at Nandini. Parul then plays an audio clip in which they hear Rajvi’s voice confronting someone. Charmi becomes concerned, while Nandini becomes more suspicious of Charmi.

Vipul convinces Darsh that Toral’s family lied about her mental illness and that she used to physically harm everyone. He claims that he took her to numerous doctors, but she did not recover. She even started hurting Darsh, so they sent her to an asylum for treatment, and Keshav forced him to marry Rajvi. He claims she has loved Darsh more than anyone else and has also assisted them in their business. He compliments Rajvi, and Darsh says she will always be his mother.

Toral becomes moved by their bond and decides to depart from there. She promises to keep visiting them and asks Darsh to look after Rajvi. Darsh and Nandini later share a romantic moment. Darsh becomes concerned as she faints unexpectedly. He takes her to the hospital and informs his family that Nandini is pregnant. They are all overjoyed, and the show concludes with a happy ending.

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