Watch: Hindi’s first lesbian film Dangerous: Khatra ready to release, bold scenes


The film ‘Dangerous: Khatra’ has been a topic of discussion in the whole country these days. This film will be the first lesbian film in India to be cleared by the Censor Board. It is being told that there are many bold scenes in the film. After getting approval from the censor board, the director of the film Ram Gopal Varma has expressed his happiness on social media. Along with this, he has also disclosed the release date of the film.

Famous director Ram Gopal Varma has shared the poster of the film ‘Dangerous: Khatra’ on Twitter. The film is going to hit the theaters on 8th April 2022. Recently, Ram Gopal Varma had told in a conversation with the media, ‘We did not expect much to pass the censors of ‘Dangerous: Khatra’ because it is a love story between two women, but under Section 377 (Section 377) Homosexual relationship is legal after it is over. ‘Dangerous: Khatra’ is the first Indian gay film that I am very happy to get A certificate, I would be very disappointed if it does not get A certificate.’

The story of this film is based on the love between two women. People who are dissatisfied with this male dominated society are attracted to each other. Very bold and intimate scenes have been shot in this crime thriller-drama film. In the film, the hot sirens of South films Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly are in the lead roles.

Let us tell you that in September 2018, Section 377 was removed from the country. This decision was a decision to change the lives of millions of LGBTQIA+ people across the country. After the removal of Section 377, there was an atmosphere of happiness among the LGBTQIA+ people.

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