WandaVision: House Of M Was A Great Inspiration For The Series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

There is very little left for WandaVision to reach Disney +. As we count down the days, it was confirmed that House of M was a huge inspiration for the series.

WandaVision is days away from hitting Disney +. The Marvel series will usher in a new era of the studio and fans are very eager to see what it’s all about. Recently, it became known that many comics served as inspiration when creating the story and House of M was one of them. This was confirmed by one of the directors of the fiction.

In an interview with ComicBook, Matt Shakman, one of the directors of WandaVision, confirmed that House of M is one of the comics they relied on to tell this story. This was in response to a journalist who asked him specifically about that comic, as well as Steve Englehearts’ The Vision and Scarlet Witch and Tom King’s The Vision.

“All those and others you didn’t mention. As you know, I think the best thing about the MCU is that they are building on everything that has happened before and turning it into something completely new and original. And it has a lot of each of those comics that you showed me. Those artists and writers took what had happened before and created something new. That is what we are trying to do, ”he revealed.

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House of M is a tale in which Scarlet Witch, in the movies played by Elizabeth Olsen, decides to use her reality-altering powers to create a near-perfect world, only to later significantly reduce the number of mutants. It should be noted that this comic will not be faithfully adapted, because the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not exist mutants as such. But there might be the possibility that we see the reverse: the superhero using her new powers to create a whole subspecies of humans with the X gene.

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