Visionary Producer Mozammil Mumtaz Set to Enchant Audiences with Upcoming Short Musical Drama, ‘Zinda Lash’

Mozammil Mumtaz Set to Enchant Audiences with Upcoming Short Musical Drama, 'Zinda Lash'


Get ready to be mesmerized as renowned visionary producer, Mozammil Mumtaz takes the Indian entertainment realm by storm with his latest creation, ‘Zinda Lash.’ This captivating short musical drama features the exceptional talents of Shivam Roy Prabhakar and Zara Sharma, promising an unforgettable viewing experience.

Mumtaz’s mission with ‘Zinda Lash’ is to push the boundaries of creativity and evoke profound emotions in the audience. Through this project, he explores the depths of human feelings, delving into themes of love and resilience. With a combination of powerful storytelling, soul-stirring music, and dynamic performances, ‘Zinda Lash’ is destined to become a cinematic masterpiece.

Mumtaz’s commitment to excellence is evident as he meticulously crafts every aspect of the production. His collaborative approach ensures a seamless execution, leaving no room for compromise in delivering a captivating and enriching experience for viewers.

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As the highly-anticipated shoot for ‘Zinda Lash’ draws near, anticipation among audiences reaches new heights. Mumtaz’s visionary storytelling, coupled with the talent and dedication of the cast and crew, sets the stage for an exciting and immersive journey.

With an impressive track record, Mozammil Mumtaz continues to elevate the Indian entertainment industry. ‘Zinda Lash’ is bound to leave an indelible impact, captivating hearts and minds with its compelling narrative.

Mozammil Mumtaz is also the founder of Indian PR360 and Dainik Bharat.

Stay tuned for updates on this unique short musical drama as Mozammil Mumtaz invites audiences on a cinematic journey that promises to touch souls and inspire imaginations. Brace yourself for an unforgettable viewing experience that showcases Mumtaz’s passion for storytelling in all its glory.

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