Vishal Mehrotra – Branding and Marketing Consultant in Lucknow, A Pioneer for startups to Become Brand

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Vishal Mehrotra

Vishal Mehrotra’s mission is to assist startups in achieving sustainable growth in today’s world through creativeness, hands-on support, and strategic direction. He assists them in solving their problems through a strong Marketing Strategy, that covers Digital Marketing/ Offline Marketing and I.T Solutions that help them expand efficiently and effectively.

Vishal Mehrotra, Branding and Marketing Consultant is a Founder of NADM – National Academy of Digital Marketing Awarded ad the Best Digital Marketing Institute of the Year in Lucknow by NEBA ( National Education Brilliance Awards ) & Co-Founder of Digital Jugglers, the fastest growing digital marketing company in Lucknow. He has served more than 300 clients, both national and international, with more than five years of experience in Marketing. His clients include politicians, celebrities, institutions:-Schools, Colleges, and Coaching. Startups, Hospitality, Healthcare. Real Estate. Finance. Jewelry. Events.

He is a visionary and a marketing guru. His years of experience, organizational skills, artistic and innovative ideas help to raise businesses. He is an inspiring speaker. He leaves no stone unturned in offering innovative integrated marketing solutions for startups and MSMEs. He is a firm believer in providing personalized solutions that meet the client’s needs.

He also assists industry leaders and individuals in personal branding. Vishal Mehrotra as a Marketing Consultant likes to read Startups Success and Failure Stories and Loves Networking, He Personally thinks Networking is the key to success in any Business and after Sale Service is the base to build Brand’s Goodwill, As your Client’s feedback spreads faster than you think and plays a very crucial role in Building a Brand.  

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Vishal Mehrotra Says, Your Brand is what you feed in consumers’ minds, Feed them Best.

When asked he says, he has seen tremendous growth in his industry after the Lockdown Period. Now the Young Entrepreneur especially Startups are coming for their Business expansion and Growth in a pre-defined manner. Not Limited to this He also says that there is a Great Scope for Individuals or Students who wants to make their career in the Digital Marketing field and his company offers them Hands-on Learning with an Internship approach along with Job assistance.

You can also connect with Vishal Mehrotra- Branding and Marketing Consultant through his Facebook/ Instagram Page or Linkedin Account.

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