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Vijay Deverkonda and Ananya Pandey starrer mass entertainer mints 33 crores on its opening

Vijay Deverkonda and Ananya Pandey starrer mass entertainer mints 33 crores on its opening

Dharma productions revealed Liger’s debut collection by posting it on Instagram. The film also features Ramya Krishnan and Ronit Roy in significant roles.. Let’s take a complete look at the Box Office collection of Liger.

After a massive promotional campaign for “Liger” all across the country, finally the film hits the cinema on Thursday. In the Telugu states, the movie has made Rs 15 crores, while the much-anticipated Hindi version debuted at a disappointing Rs 1.75 crore. In Telugu-speaking states, where Vijay has a large following, the movie is believed to perform well.

The movie, however, has been promoted as a pan-Indian release and must perform well, particularly in the North. Unfortunately, the film’s opening weekend box office performance was a little underwhelming, and Vijay Deverkonda is not the rescuer Bollywood had hoped for. But this movie has also succumbed to the box office collection plague that befalls Bollywood movies. The Hindi box office results are rather disappointing because Liger’s producers made numerous city trips to generate buzz about the movie, but such efforts did not seem to have any effect on the numbers.

Dharma Productions shared the worldwide gross collection of the Puri Jagannadh film as Rs 33.12 crore. This is the complete collection of movies from all over the world, in all languages. Liger was released in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. Therefore, the producers chose not to reveal how much money the movie had grossed in various locations.

Liger, which also features Ramya Krishnan, Ronit Roy, and Mike Tyson, took three years to complete because of numerous pandemic-related delays. The ‘boycott’ movement against the movie started last week after Vijay defended Aamir Khan’s portrayal of Laal Singh Chaddha.

The film is facing a major backlash over social media and is described as a cringe-fest of gigantic proportions. The components used to create this movie are neither novel nor innovative. A section of the review stated, “The plot is full of all kinds of absurd scenarios, and the presentation is jaded.

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