Valeria Season 2: Release Date, Cast And All Latest Update


Since Netflix landed in Valeria in May 2020, it have received many positive and good vibes from both critics and fans. The comedy romance is continuously compared with “SEX AND THE CITY”. Where as Valeria is being called the Sex and the City. Whatever it is, season one has ended up making believe in the viewer’s mind for the up come of the second season.

| Spotlight On Season 2 Of Netflix’s Valeria |

The season one of Netflix ‘Valeria’ buckled up with a couple of loose ends that begs for a second installment. Likewise, in any good romantic comedy genre, the pulse of Valeria is a love triangle. Yet, Valeria is torn between her struggle marriage with her husband. Adri, became less and less supportive of her dream to become a published author. And on the other hand, Victor, the mysterious, hot new friends who got both her writing dreams and her blood racing. Additionally, the adventure of Carmen, Lola, and Nerea, throughout the season, viewers went back and forth between “Team Adri” and “Team Victor”. But, the writing book of Valeria remains unchanged.

In the previous season, the protagonist got the chance to write the book for her erotic novel, strongly influenced by her feelings for Victor. Thus, it left out with two questions in the mind of viewers, that “Will Valeria end up with Victor or get back to Adri ?”. This is the only iceberg that leaves the door open for the second season of Valeria.

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| Star Cast Of Valeria Season 2 |

Diana Gomez, playing the role of a popular character name Valeria, will reprise in season 2 itself. Fans are expecting the comeback of season one characters in the second season also. The series will thus cast the followings :

Teresa Riott, Paula Malia, Silma Lopez as Nerea, Carmen and Lola respectively, Maxi Iglesias as Victor, Ibrahim Al Shamsi as Adrian.

Some new faces are also being expected in the upcoming even season.

| Release Date |

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed back the date of air Valeria season 2 on Netflix.

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