Vaibhav M Warrier Wins The Title Of Mr.lndia Model 2022

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Today’s generation has been focused on the well-being of themselves and their environment. Compared to the previous generations, the mental, as well as the physical fitness of a person, has gained utmost importance. The frequency of people going to gyms and taking care of their diets has increased drastically. With this positive change comes the requirement of role models for the youth who can advise and inspire them on their fitness journey and keep them motivated to follow through with their routines.

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One of the most perfect people for this is our star Vaibhav M Warrier, born in 1998 in Bangalore, after which he shifted to Thrisshur,Kerala.

Along with being a fitness trainer & cricket player ,he finds time for modeling as well.

A Pic Of Vaibhav On Instagram Which Shows His Handsome Looks

A Pic Of Vaibhav On Instagram Which Shows His Handsome Looks

This was just his 3rd Competition in the Modeling Field & he definitely saved the best for the most important stage.

Being the latest winner of Mr India Earth 2022 which was held in Pune and has conquered the title of ‘Mr.India Model Champion of 2022’,he just adds on to the list of achievements he has conquered.

He is also a receiver of a State-level Gold Medal in Shot Put. He is one of the youngest participants in the national arm-wrestling competition in 2015 (when he was only 17 years old).

He has been regularly playing district cricket matches & all kerala tournaments as well.

His Instagram Post Shows His Allround Talent

His Instagram Post Shows His Allround Talent.

He won this title after several years of hard work and dedication. He was mainly inclined towards sports

( athletics and cricket) , but he stepped out of his comfort zone to do something that other’s told him he had more talent in.

Vaibhav has been modelling for a while and has refined his approach; his photoshoots show his fitness & good looks,adding to being 6 feet is a big bonus – which is why he was meant to do modeling.

It was his mental strength & smartness that eventually helped him win the title of Mr. India Model 2022.

His Instagram Photos Show Other Laurels Of His

Apart from this, he has also received certification from EREPS as an International Fitness Trainer and also is a CPR-certified coach. Furthermore, he also holds a degree in animation from St.Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

This Was His First Pageant – He Fared Of Well In That Too!

Since he is a part of the youth, they find it easier to relate to him and inquire about physical fitness tips and ask for motivation. His Instagram page has over thousands of followers and he is even the brand ambassador for several sports companies.

He Frequently Post’s Funny Pictures & Videos On His Posts & Stories too.

He frequently uploads videos on his instagram & youtube channel, providing people with updates on the latest fitness and sport tips , as well as he keeps his fans entertained with his creative humour sense.

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