Vagabond Season 2: Release Date, Story, Cast And More Updates

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Popular activity Korean play Vagabond concluded its 16 episode run in 2019. But will that be the last we see of the compelling story or will the action return for a second season? Here are all the Vagabond Season 2 latest upgrades from TGC.

The popularity of Korean dramas has been on the development in the previous few years and Vagabond is no exception. Originally aired on the Korean community SBS TV, the series was appreciated by many across the world. After a somewhat disappointing end fans have been wondering if there is a chance of a sequel for the very first time. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Vagabond.

Will You Be A Vagabond Season 2

The answer, sadly, is undecided. There’s been no official news or statements regarding this matter. It is uncommon for Korean dramas to have several seasons, so the chance of a brand new season remains undetermined. Many fans have been imagining a new season might be in the works and there have been numerous rumors about this. Lee Seung-gi who plays the lead in the series has echoed the ideas of many lovers and said that he also would like to observe a potential continuation of the story. However, for the lack of any official statements, we cannot be sure if we’ll find a Vagabond season 2.

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The series, written by Jang Young-Chul and Jung Lying-soon and led by Yoo In-Sik aired 16 episodes in total on SBS TV. The narrative revolves around Cha Dal-gun (played with Lee Seung-gi) an underrated stuntman as well as the sole protector of his nephew Cha Hoon. Tragedy strikes when his nephew’s trip to Morocco crashes, nevertheless when Dal-gun reaches Morocco to attend his nephew’s funeral, he recognized that the plane crash might not be a simple accident. He’s joined by Go Hae-Ri (played by Bae Suzy), a secret representative of the National Intelligent Service on his route to bring light to the puzzle.

Potential Storyline Of Season 2

The narrative for Vagabond season 2 is anyone’s guess. We can imagine that it might revolve around grabbing the mastermind behind the disaster because remained incomplete in the prior season and several viewers are interested in it.


We don’t know if Vagabond will reunite to get a Vagabond Season 2 to join all the loose ends from the prior season. However, if you have not watched Vagabond yet, the complete series including all the 16 episodes are available on Netflix for streaming.

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