‘V is coming’ Trends: BTS Member Kim Taehyung on Elle Cover

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

On the cover of Elle Korea. BTS member V, aka Kim Taehyung, made headlines online when she appeared on the cover of ELLE Korea. The CELINE Spring 2023 Menswear line was seen on the BTS member. Used to write “V” on the images, and when sharing the photo, the magazine added the hashtag “Viscoming.” The April cover model for Elle Korea magazine was revealed through Twitter messages that were shared with the online community.

Elle used “V” on the images, and when sharing the photo, the magazine added the hashtag “Viscoming.” Fans of BTS began to speculate that Kim Taehyung, nicknamed V, might appear on the cover of Elle Korea.

v is coming elle

In the first upload, Elle Korea posted a video of a heart-filled video with the words “V is coming” flashing on the screen. The publication then posted colorful images with a large “V” written on them. Elle also posted a link for pre-ordering the April edition and made the announcement.

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V for ELLE Korea

Taehyung’s photo was shared with the caption “V is coming” by the editor-in-chief of Vogue Korea Kwangho Shin in September of last year. Fans have assumed that V will once again grace the cover of Elle’s April issue as a result of this.

Taehyung Fans and Craze Among Them Elle

Fans could not contain their enthusiasm and posted about it on various social media platforms. Recently, V was spotted working on a dance collaboration video with J-Hope for his most recent song, “On The Block.” Additionally, the singer recently delighted his admirers with a live WeVerse session.

BTS V taehyung elle korean cover

The official “CELINE Boys” have been formed by actors like Park Bo Gum and V, as seen in its Korea April edition. The singer has worn the company’s clothing for a while despite only recently being named the brand’s ambassador. The numerous photos of Kim Taehyung aka V wearing CELINE each represented a different subject and aspect of his personality. Suffice it to say, all of the above images drove his followers crazy.


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