UT69 Trailer: Raj Kundra removed his mask at the trailer launch, said – If Shilpa was not with me, I would not have survived


Shilpa Shetty’s husband, Raj Kundra, is making his acting debut with the movie ‘UT69’. The story of this film is based on the 63 days spent by Raj Kundra in Arthur Road Jail. At the trailer launch of this film in Mumbai, Raj Kundra appeared deeply moved, showing a lot of emotion. He said that if I was guilty in the eyes of people then people would have said whatever they wanted to say, but I was deeply hurt by the comments made about my wife and children in this case. Bringing my family and children into this matter was unnecessary and unfair. Also read

In 2021, Raj Kundra faced arrest due to his involvement in adult content production. Surprisingly, he expressed interest in penning a book detailing his experiences during his time at Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail. It’s quite a unique twist in his journey. He said, ‘Every day I kept writing about my experiences of the 63 days I spent in Arthur Road. I had a desire to write a book about that. After coming out of jail, I met Shahnawaz Ali and gave him the notes written by me to read. When he comes to meet me again! He wrote the script and said that he will make a film on it.

Raj Kundra opens up about the film

Raj Kundra mentioned, “Initially, I didn’t have plans to act in UT69. But no actor agreed to work in this film, so my film director Shahnawaz Ali suggested that I myself act in the film. When I told this to Shilpa, at first she thought my decision was right, but when she saw the film, she liked my character. While in jail, I became a method actor, the remaining gap was completed by Shahnawaz Ali. By the way, I also took an acting class for a few days for the film. ,

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Raj Kundra looked very emotional during the trailer launch of the film. He said, ‘All this has been a moment of great sadness for my family. When people were saying bad things about my wife and child, I was feeling very bad. In the end, what harm had my wife and children caused to anyone? I’ve already expressed everything I needed to. It’s crucial to mention that without my wife, Shilpa, by my side, surviving these challenges would have been much harder. He gave me hope and confidence that everything will be fine.

More about ‘UT69’

Raj Kundra’s movie, ‘UT69’, is all set to hit the big screens on November 3. Interestingly, Raj Kundra shared that when they first made the film, their plan was to release it on an online streaming platform. But now, they’ve decided to give it that grand cinematic experience instead. But when Anil Thadani saw our film, he liked the film very much and he has taken the initiative to take this film to theatres. We’re crossing our fingers that the audience will truly embrace our film. As for Raj Kundra, after his release on bail, he made a habit of donning a mask wherever he went to avoid any unwanted attention. However, during the much-awaited trailer launch, he surprised everyone by taking off the mask and vowing never to hide behind one again. It’s a unique moment of transparency and promise that we hope resonates with viewers just like our film’s story.

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