UT 69: Family sent letters to Raj Kundra in jail, Shilpa Shetty’s husband wrote this after sharing the post

Raj Kundra's film UT 69 is going to be released soon. In such a situation, he is continuously promoting the film.


Raj Kundra UT 69: Businessman Raj Kundra will debut in Bollywood with ‘UT 69’. In the year 2021, he had to go to jail for making obscene videos. Raj was in jail for about 63 days. Even after escaping jail, he had to roam around hiding his face with a mask. But Combining all these experiences, Raj Kundra is soon coming with the movie ‘UT 69’. There are only a few days left for this film to be released. In such a situation, Raj Kundra is making new revelations every day about his jail days. Now Raj Kundra has shown a glimpse of some special letters sent by his family in jail on social media. He is promoting the film vigorously.

Raj Kundra is soon going to bring before the audience the moments he spent in jail. He is promoting this film vigorously. The trailer and motion poster of the film were released a few days ago. Along with the film promotion, Raj Kundra has also revealed many things. Although With this, he has now shown everyone a glimpse of the letters written by his family. These letters were written to him when he was behind the bars.

The family sent letters to the jail

Raj Kundra has shared a story on his social media handle Instagram. In this story, he has shown photos of some letters. But It can be seen in the pictures that on the visible letters, the address of Raj Kundra’s barrack is UT 69, Barrack 6/4. We would like to let you know that this is the same address where Raj Kundra was kept inside Arthur Road Jail. A photo is also visible in this post, in which actress Shilpa Shetty is seen celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with her son. A diary is visible at the bottom, in which Raj Kundra used to write about his experiences spent in the jail quarter.

When will the film UT 69 be released

Directed by Shahnawaz Ali, the film will be released in theaters on November 3, 2023.

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