Update for the Bhagya Lakshmi 1st November 2022 Written Episode: Looking for Rishi, Lakshmi

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Ayush begins the episode by questioning Shalu about why she told Neha. Neha becomes offended and queries Ayush about his joke. Ayush requests that she close up because he is currently acting as God. Neha promises she won’t get furious as she sits down another time. Shalu dispatches Neha. She remarks that Ayush is now Shri Ram and queries why he’s laughing like Ravan. Ayush invites her to ask him any questions, advises her to act appropriately for the nonce, and warns that if she doesn’t, God knows what would happen to her. Shalu claims that you simply are not God and are only pretending to be God. Shalu believes I previously viewed him as God and had this concept in my head. Neha claims that he’s like Shri Ram and that he would have blessed her if you hadn’t arrived. it had been a joke, consistent with Shalu. Neha is invited to travel with Shalu. Ayush is asked by Karishma if he’s ready. Yes, he replies. Lakshmi wonders who sent the message on Rishi’s phone. She stumbles and discovers Sukhu’s shoes. When she notices his legs moving, she goes to test him out.

Sukhu is found, and she or he instructs him to stand up. When Balwinder stares at her, he believes that his fate is horrible today and Sukhu is unaware of his identity. Sukhu awakens and divulges that a guy had been taking Rishi while he was asleep. He collapses again. When Balwinder is content, he texts Lakshmi and asks her to return home since he is in difficulty and is inside. After reading the letter, Lakshmi assumes Rishi is inside. She considers inviting Shalu to Sukhu. Then Lakshmi moves on. Lakshmi should be locked inside the house, Balwinder reasons, as Rishi will pass on today.

Karishma is asked by Neelam to use Ayush’s tilak. Ayush halts her. Is Karishma insulting me? she queries. Ayush replies “no” and advises them to attend for Rishi bhai because he is a little child. Neelam begs him to try to do the Dahan and assures him that Ravan’s Dahan would occur at the appropriate moment. Karishma cheerfully applies his tilak. Still there, Lakshmi is trying to find Rishi. Ayush is preparing to shoot an arrow at Ravan. He believes that today, the truth will lose to evil. When Ayush fires an arrow at the Ravan, it crashes to the bottom. He does this intentionally. Rishi becomes anxious. Sonia asserts that Rishi bhai would have administered the task correctly had he been present. they need to call Rishi Bhai, Ayush requests. you are not doing it correctly, consistent with Virender. Neelam tells him, “You’re doing this intentionally,” and she or he requests that he do Ravan Dahan for Rishi. Lakshmi overhears the Ravan Dahan narrative and assumes that Ravan is setting a trap. She considers calling Shalu. Balwinder anticipates Rishi’s death at this point around. I’m inside of Ayush, claims Rishi. Shalu receives a call from Lakshmi asking her to seem after Sukhu. What occurred, Shalu queries? Rishi’s life is in jeopardy, consistent with Lakshmi.

Malishka shares with Kiran her growing concern that Balwinder could have had a relationship with Rishi. She claims that I’ve got sworn to murder him. Balwinder believes that nobody can beat him now. Where is Rishi, questions Malishka when she approaches him. Who, Balwinder wonders. Thanks, Rishi. If I’m his bodyguard, he enquires. Malishka threatens to yell and alert everyone if you do not let her know you’re there. Today is Ravan’s Dahan, consistent with Balwinder, and if Suparnakha’s Dahan had occurred, I might have participated. Malishka becomes angry. Balwinder promises to reveal who was liable for the hotel incident and reveals that the two of them are co-conspirators. Lakshmi is trying to find me, said Rishi after spotting her.

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