Two Great Star Wars Characters Could Return In Ahsoka Tano’s Series

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

There are rumors about the synopsis for Ahsoka Tano’s Star Wars series that will premiere on the Disney + streaming platform.

In LucasFilm, they know perfectly that the series of The Mandalorian has been a brutal success in Disney +, so they expand their universe with other programs Star Wars. Now, as the filming date for the Ahsoka Tano series starring Rosario Dawson approaches, they reveal the first details of the program.

Ahsoka Tano’s character first appeared in the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars and was later repeated in Star Wars: Rebels. He recently made his live-action debut in an episode of The Mandalorian, but they will go further and have his series.

The new information about the story that they are preparing is very interesting.

According to rumors, Ahsoka Tano’s series will be about the search for Thrawn and Ezra Bridger, the young Jedi who disappeared with Grand Admiral at the end of Star Wars: Rebels. This means that the show will essentially pick up where Rebels left off. They will use some of the scripts that were intended for a possible Rebels sequel.

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In the Rebels epilogue, Ahsoka goes looking for Sabine Wren and makes it clear that Ezra is still out there. Of course, that means Thrawn too. He then goes on his quest to find them and hasn’t been able to do so during the events of The Mandalorian because he asks Governor Wing played by Wing Tao Chao about the great villain.

So Ahsoka Tano has the mission to branch out the story of The Mandalorian and also continue the plot of Star Wars: Rebels by bringing Thrawn and Ezra back to the saga. Hopefully we will soon have more details and especially the release date.

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