Turn Up Tobi’s Musical Journey So Far

Ronnie Robbins
Ronnie Robbins

Turn Up Tobi is a rising artist from the USA. He is a record producer, a Hip-Hop artist, a songwriter and a music producer. He has become increasingly famous recently for his vibrant music.

His music is versatile, it brings in new elements from his culture and resonates with his background. It has been an important factor in the growth of his musical journey.

The complexities in his blending of different genres is the focal point of his music. He gives a minimalistic but actively vibrant quality to his music. He is passionate about work and extremely creatively talented too.

He drops music frequently. His continued inflow of music has helped him reach immeasurable heights across social media platforms. His current Instagram followers are well over 12k.

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Born on December 9, 2000, Turn Up Tobi’s real name is D’Ante Adkins. He is from Newark, New Jersey. He is 20 years old currently. He is Christian and his zodiac sign is Saggitarius.

His childhood has played a prominent role and has influenced his choice of career. Being surrounded by people who loved music as much as his parents did, was the key component. His understanding of different genres, his artistic lyricism, and his absolute dedication towards creating something new, something vibrant has all granted him the success he has achieved at such a young age.

In July 2020, he contributed quite a bit to Leah Jenea’s album “Crooked Love” and since then he has also released quite a few singles.

He stated that his paternal grandmother was a jazz singer, and his own father was a rapper and a songwriter. Influenced by them, he started learning about music and different instruments right from the age of 12, when he learnt how to play the piano.

Apart from being interested in music, he also hoards several other hobbies such as cooking and trying different cuisines, playing sports such as basketball. He is a creative and joyful person, which a lot of people find likeable.

His immediate response to how he finds new artists to work with was to state how he tries to find them himself.He aims to impress and tries his level best to work with new and upcoming artists. He wishes that more and more people listen to his music. He stated that he wished to be the “best producer ever”.

His inspiration for his work is quite simple, he wishes to live his life with the knowledge that he pursued his dreams without regrets and with 100% dedication. He has a firm belief that freedom of artistary is an effective tool to enhance communication among people.

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