True Beauty gains Popularity After Three Years of Release!

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
True Beauty top korean drama

 True Beauty, a three-year-old Korean drama gets a high rating now. It did not gather a huge crowd and became an average drama. Netflix released the drama this year during valentines’ week and the popularity escalated. True Beauty could not attract the fame of its home fan but it did get huge attention from its foreign fans. Now the drama is holding a spot in the Netflix top 10 charts for almost a month.

True Beauty is a romantic comedy high school drama having 16 episodic series. The entire series revolves around a high school girl who is bullied for not being pretty. Since childhood, she did not fit into the Korean beauty standard imposed by society. In her school, she faces harassment every day by her classmates. So she mastered the art of makeup to be pretty. She watches online makeup videos day and night locked in her room. Finally, she learns all the tools and tricks of makeup to beautify herself. Her transformation was so drastic that she was unrecognizable. With the power of makeup, she was a completely different person.

Characters of True Beauty

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We see Moon Ga Young playing Lim Joo Gyung the high girl our main protagonist. After being bullied over her look for a long time in her previous school. She masters the art of makeup to hide her real face and becomes the prettiest girl in her new school. She does everything to avoid people from seeing her natural face. Joo Gyung starts a new life with a new identity in her new school. She is popular and everybody treats her well because she is so pretty. Joo Gyung loves her new space until a boy from her class sees her bare face. She is now scared that he might expose her but something else happens.

The very handsome Cha Eun Woo is the good boy Lee Su Ho. He is a charming all-rounder student but acts coldly to people around him. He prefers to stay aloof and enjoys his own company due to some painful events from the past. A new pretty girl comes to his school who happens to be his neighbor. At first, he gives her no attention until he comes to know about her secret. Su Ho starts hanging out with her in a comic store where they find similarities between them and in no time fall for each other.

The Korean sensation Hwang In Yeop as Han Seo Joon. The cool bad boy who has a heart of gold in the drama. People assume him as a cold-hearted troublesome boy but in reality, he is very kind. He joins a new school and gets involved in a love triangle with his long-term enemy Su HO. Seo Joon has a sister who is ugly like Joo Gyung, so she helps her to be pretty too. That is when the romance between these two sparks.

Main Climax

One of the main reasons for True Beauty’s popularity is its fun Love Triangle. Like every Korean drama, there is always a fantasy and complex love story. In True Beauty, we see completion for love between the classic bad boy and a charming good boy. Both the famous boys of the school are throbbing hard for one pretty girl who can’t make a choice. Both the boys have been long-term enemies who once were friends. The bad boy who expresses his love in public and is only good to her gives butterflies. While the good boy saves her from exposing her bare face out in public.


Efforts that both the boys put in, will make you fantasize about something similar. Romance is one of the main elements of this drama. We see various aspects of how one can express love without saying it or the other person acknowledging it. Su Ho sits the whole night for days knitting a woolen muffler for his girl. Seo Joon fights with everyone and always treats  Joo Gyung right. He makes her feel special and important.


True beauty is a drama with a lot of plot twists and drama. Other quirky characters make the drama interesting and entertaining with their roles. From romance to comedy to action, a lot is happening overall it is wholesome. The show has an 8/10 rating on IMDb and is a must-watch for all Korean drama lovers.


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