Top 5 Sacred And Mysterious Mountains From All Over The World

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry
Top 5 Sacred And Mysterious Mountains From All Over The World

Mountains aren’t just a sight to behold they cover 22 percentage of the planet’s land surface. They provide a home to animals, birds, plants, and even human beings. These important landforms provide freshwater, springs, and renewable resources. For celebrating the beauty and importance of mountains United Nations has made 11th December the International Mountains Day.
Mountains also have symbolic aspects to them. Mountains are also said to be close to heaven. They hold significant importance in Hindu, Buddhist, and many religious as well. There is something mystical and whimsical about mountains. They carry lots of secrets to them which is waiting to be uncovered.

5 of the most sacred mountains around the world

1. Nanda Devi, India- Nanda Devi is the second-highest mountain in India. The mountain is 7,816m it is part of Garhwal Himalayas from Uttar Pradesh. The mountain has been closed for the climbers from the year 1982 onwards. The mountain hod great significant importance in the Hindu religion. The Garhwal and Kumaon regions have their own interesting legends around the Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The mountain got its name Nanda Devi and is believed to be a sacred place, because of the tale of Nanda Devi, who was the Goddess of the Chamoli, Pittorgarh, and Bhageshri Districts.

2. Mount Kailash, Tibet- Mount Kailash is 6,638m tall. Mount Kailash is known to be one of the most sacred mountains in the world. Is climbing is strictly prohibited this mountain only Caesar few thousand pilgrims each year. The mountain is considered secret in Hinduism Jainism and Buddhism. The importance of these mountains has been embedded in the myths of the Hindu culture and has been passed on for decades. It is also a part of ancient Asia.

Hindu Hinduism country people believe that Lord Shiva is not yet dead and that he still lives on top of the mountain. Not only Hinduism but even other culture believes Mount Kailash to be of utmost importance. Nobody till this date has ever been able to climb the top of the mountain and it has been said that there is a mystical energy that prohibits people from climbing to the adobe of the mountain.

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3. Mount Taranaki New Zealand– The Taranaki mountain stands 2518 m tall. That tribe of that place considered this mountain to be e a very sacred and holy place. The tribes live near the mountain. There is a river running near the mountain that gives habitable life and a standard of living. It provides for plants, animals, and human beings. This place is are a vital part of their heritage.

4. Mount Fuji Japan- Mount Fuji stands 3776m high. It is both the highest mountain in Japan and the most sacred. This mountain is named after the Buddhist goddess of fire named Fuchi. It is sacred to Shinto goddess Sengen-Sama her shrine is found at the summit of this great mountain. It is said to be the embodiment of the spirit of nature by Shintoists. While Japanese Buddhism believes that it is a portal to another world.

5. Mount Sinai, Egypt- This mountain is located in the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. The religion believes that this is the mountain where God spoke to Mosses and gave him the 10 Commandments. Many pilgrims believe it to be true and visit every year. As it is the most sacred place where God has believed to be seen.

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