Tom Holland (‘Spider-Man 3’) shares a photo of his ‘look’ without pants to do the virtual interviews

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

Interviews, meetings and encounters have gone from being face-to-face to becoming virtual. The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we interact and that, although it has more than one drawback, also has its good part . For example, the comfort of being able to talk to someone else in your pajamas from home or, as Tom Holland has shown , without pants.

The actor from Spider-Man 3 , the third installment of Spider-Man from the Marvel Cinematic Universe , premieres on February 12 on Apple TV + Cherry . The film marks Holland’s new collaboration with brothers Joe and Anthony Russo , who are behind the scenes in this movie after Avengers: Endgame . On the occasion of the arrival of the film to the streaming platform, the interpreter is in full promotion and has shared through his Instagram account the comfortable ‘look’ without pants with which he has been doing the interviews .

“Virtual press in plan,” Holland writes. “It’s fashion,” he adds. In the image, the actor appears with socks, shirt and jacket sitting on a chair, but without pants.

Cherry follows a young student who, on the verge of losing the love of his life, makes a desperate decision: to join the army. The experience in Iraq is so stark that on his return home, his post-traumatic stress disorder causes him to turn to drugs. The addiction grows stronger and, after getting into debt, he sees a bank robbery as the only solution to his problems . On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

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