Tirupati Tirupati Balaji The Most Attractive Place For Religious Believe

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Tirupati Temples

Tirupati is located in Andra Pradesh India. The city is famous for the Venkateshwara temple and other historical temps.  The city is popular with the name spiritual capital of Andra Pradesh.  In the year 2012-13 Government of India has listed Tirupati as the Best Heritage city.  The government has included this place under the smart city development project. In recent times, Tirupati Balaji has become the most attractive place where many visitors donate huge money daily.  These visitors and devotees pray that their wishes get fulfilled.

Tirupati is celebrating all festivals of Hindu, such as Sankranti, Krishna Janmashtami, etc.  In September, October, and November month, a nine-day event is celebrated in the city called SrivariBrahmotsavam. Tirupati laddu is popular across the world. Following the Mahalakshmi by Lord Vishnu, the story of unprecedented marriage and hair donation at this temple has made this place a stunning and attractive point for many visitors. The construction of this Balaji temple in Tirupati was started in 300AD. Lord Venkateswara is the God that is known as Lord of seven hills. Mythological people believe that if they worship the Lord Venkateswara then they would get Mukti. More than 50000 Pilgrims come to this place daily.

The deity is situated in the center of this world-famous temple, however; it is placed at the right corner of this Tirupati temple. There are many reasons due to which back of diet remain moist always. Many mythological stories state that in the 19th century, the king gave death sentence punishment to 10 people, and all these criminals were hung in this place.

At that time, the Lord emerged. The people believe that God’s worship needs to be done by using flowers, clarified butter, holly leaves, etc. All such worship material is being sourced 20Km away from this place. The worshippers do not throw the flowers on their deity as they flow them in the water. This Tirupati Balaji temple is also known as the temple of seven hills.

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Many pilgrims donate huge money to this temple; hence, this is considered the world’s richest temple. The Prasad is offered to the visitors, and this Prasad is a registered geographical indicator in Andra Pradesh.  Many people believe that Balaji is alive, the reason is that when a person places the ear at the main idol, then the individual can get the voice of the roaring Ocean. The Dravidian construction style gives the fantastic look to this temple.

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