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Chilkur Balaji Temple
Chilkur Balaji Temple

Sri Venkateswara Balaji Temple was built during the 1680s on the riverbank of Osman Sagar in Chilkur city of Rangareddy district. Various places in India relate and give importance to unusual things and worship them. There are many examples of temples that are constructed out of devotion and are the center for attraction and faith. If you are wishing for a visa and you need to get the visa stamp one such example is Balaji Temple of Chilkul which became famous in the region as it was known for the fulfillment of the wishes and major wishes were for visa stamps by the devotee’s which were fulfilled. So the temple became famous as “the temple of Visa God”.

The temple of chilkoor Balaji Temple attracts many tourists and devotees around the year. This is one of the only temples which do not allow the VIP movement corridors or Green corridors and all have to be in the queue for the Darshans. The temple is also free from government interference and one of its kind. The architecture of the temple is very significant as being more than 500 years old and being one of the oldest. The Sri Venkateswara Balaji Temple is styled in the typical south Indian architecture with a big courtyard and high elevation and bright colors on the walls along with the beautiful carving on the pillars. The person coming with a wish of visa can have to come up again to the worship as it is in the traditions that once the wish has fulfilled of the person. The person needs to take 108 rounds of the temple as a ritual.

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How To Visit Balaji Temple

To visit Balaji Temple you can take a ride from Hydrabad for covering almost 30 km. There are many nearby points you can visit on a day tour near to the village. There is a story related to the temple as well where a devotee was unable to visit the Tirupati temple due to health concerns and being touched by the devotion the Lord appeared and asked to dig the idols of Lord Balaji Temple along with goddess Sridevi and bhoodevi and worship. So the devotee built the temple on the place and the worship of the god started at the place. Many spiritual people have visited the place listening about the peace and positive atmosphere of the place. Being a tourist attraction point there are many hotels and eateries nearby and the government of Telangana run hotel in the area.


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