TikTok Challenge Leaved A Boy With Nearly 80% Burned Body

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Covering approximately 80% of his damaged body as a result of a risky challenge on TikTok. Mason Dark and his friends were using a spray paint can and a lighter to build a crude torch. Which resulted in grisly photographs of Mason becoming viral. The TT users frequently get together online to build little flamethrowers. Dark sprinted to a river not far from his Wake Forest residence and plunged in to douse the fire. 

teen badly hurt by burns

He had third-degree burns on 76 percent of his body when he came out of the water, including his face. When an explosion occurred, engulfing them in flames. “I can’t recognize him. His mother, Holli Dark, told WRAL that he was “unrecognizable.”

TikTok challenger was taken by ambulance to the UNC Burn Center

The teenagers are from Wake Forest, a hamlet about 17 miles northeast of Raleigh. They were taking part in a risky TikTok challenge. Where users of social media make tiny flamethrowers out of flammable aerosols. “Everyone heard a loud boom. Mason then sprinted outside and started removing his shirt,” Dark added.

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Mason Dark tiktok challenge

To relieve the burns, Mason dove into a nearby river, but he came out with scorched skin. Both actions ultimately made his health worse. The youngster is in great danger of infection from the river water and had a T-shaped third-degree burn on his back from yanking off the flaming garment.

He was taken by ambulance to the UNC Burn Center. With burns covering 76% of his body. For skin grafts, Mason has already had several procedures. Dark told the publication that watching her son’s skin gradually mend is like sowing a lawn. The boy is a very competitive football player and track runner.

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