This is how Anne With An E actress Amybeth McNulty get ready to watch the premiere of Euphoria

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

Euphoria premiered the special Christmas episode this December 6, so many fans were attentive to the premiere, including the lead actress of the series Anne With An E, Amybeth McNulty.

The popular HBO series, Euphoria, announced a while ago the premiere of 2 special episodes that would air before season 2.

So recently the series premiered the first special episode of Euphoria, which was called “Christmas Special” or “Holiday Special”.

The series has a large number of fans on HBO television, who were eager to see the premiere, including one of the popular actresses of the Netflix series, Anne With An E, Amybeth McNulty.

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McNulty posted on his Instagram account a photo showing how he prepared to watch the special Christmas episode of Euphoria.

The actress wrote in her Twitter post the following: “Me and my random notes on my phone.” Which had written in his notes, “Euphoria last episode.”

Amybeth McNulty no doubt seems to be a fan of the show, so I use her note reminder to keep an eye out for episodes of Euphoria.

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