There Aren’t Enough Episodes Of All American Season 3

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Interviewer PR

The CW has introduced its spring 2021 program and All American season 3 will still have episodes airing in June 2021. If we get ready for a big break?

Let’s take a look at some facts. All American Season 3 will probably have 16 episodes like the first two seasons. We’re already on episode 6, with episode 7 airing on Monday, March 1. We’re nearly halfway through the season.

However, when TVLine shared the record of spring premiere dates, it was hard to overlook All American season 3 having episodes in June.

We all know Riverdale is going on an elongated hiatus partway through this season. We’re not sure exactly when, although April is a suspected interval because of the premiere of Kung Fu. The series will not return until July-yes, July! -2021. Is it likely it won’t be the sole CW series going on an elongated break?

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There Aren’t Enough Episodes Of All American Season 3

That announcement there may be obtained in two ways. There aren’t enough episodes complete. This is one of the best shows in the community, and it is a shame that we don’t get 22 episodes per season. However, I’d hoped that with 16 episodes, we would see the series run smoothly from January to May or June without too many fractures -only a week here and there for May Sweeps.

Taking a look at The CW’s program, event 8 will air on March 8. There is not a program for the week after, but it’s possible that the show can go on a hiatus from this point. It is halfway through the season. Then the series could return in June with all the remaining episodes.

There simply aren’t enough episodes for the show to run without any breaks whatsoever from March to June, notably June 14.

With no breaks, that only takes us to May 3. Whether there are a couple of breaks here and there, then we’d still only likely achieve the end of May. While The CW has not confirmed it yet, there has to be a hiatus coming up. Hopefully, it is not quite as long as Riverdale’s is likely to be.

What is disappointing with this theory is that All American will not get new episodes during May Sweeps. The good news is now 4 is already occurring, so maybe it is not too dangerous for the future of the series.

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