‘The Walking Dead’ will introduce a major change about Negan’s past

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

With the return of season 10 of The Walking Dead just around the corner, if there is a detail of the new episodes commissioned unexpectedly by AMC that makes fans of the series especially excited, that is undoubtedly one one of them is dedicated to learning about Negan’s ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) past. And, more especially, that we have the possibility to see Lucille , his deceased wife in honor of whom he baptized his infamous bat and who is embodied by the interpreter’s real-life wife, Hilarie Burton .

We have already seen some first images of Negan and Lucille together in the first days of the apocalypse, but the sixth episode of the new batch, ‘Here’s Negan’ (10×22) promises to reveal everything we always wanted to know about the character. From how he cared for Lucille in her final days to how he would end up becoming the bloodthirsty villain who long led the community known as The Saviors by completely terrorizing even Rick Grimes ( Andrew Lincoln ) himself.

Negan’s past that The Walking Dead will tell is based on the spin-off of Robert Kirkman’s comic series which, also under the title Here’s Negan – The Walking Dead : Negan in Spain- and published in 2016, narrated the the character’s story. However, it will introduce an important change.

The episode dedicated to Negan will keep Lucille alive longer than in the comic. While on paper we follow the story of the complex character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the first days of the apocalypse just after his wife died of cancer in the hospital, in the episode ‘Here’s Negan’ (10×22) we will see how Lucille was a time fighting the undead. In fact, in Robert Kirkman’s comic , Lucille becomes a zombie in the hospital bed.

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Thus, the great change with respect to the original story has to do with the time that Negan spent with Lucille while the dead were already walking on the living, caring for and living the last days with the love of his life while the refrigerator with the medication for its treatment is gradually exhausted. Much more tragic than on paper. In the trailer, in addition to seeing Lucille saving Negan’s life, we can also sense that Negan’s past as the cruel leader of the Saviors will be haunting the character.

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