The Walking Dead Season 10: Full Official Trailer of the 6 Additional Episodes

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

The AMC transmission network has established the release date of the next 6 additional episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead, February 28, 2021.

The 6 anthology episodes of The Walking Dead, envisage telling the story of the main characters of the zombie drama projecting their past, present and future, times in which they will meet their worst enemies.

The stories of Maggie ( Lauren Cohan ), Daryl ( Norman Reedus ) and Negan ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan), will arrive with the first of the 6 episodes. The face-to-face encounter between Maggie and the man who murdered her husband is imminent in the next scenes.

And it is that with fewer and fewer days until the arrival of the new episodes of The Walking Dead, the franchise launched Thursday a promotional trailer in which Maggie can be seen facing Negan with her thirst for revenge.

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The Official Trailer Of The 6 Additional Episodes Of Season 10 Of The Walking Dead

In the trailer for The Walking Dead, it seems Aaron won’t have a great time either, finding himself in an intense situation with Mays, the new character played by guest star Robert Patrick.

Recall that there are 6 episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead that will begin to air from February 28 to April 4, 2021. Each one will be dedicated to telling the story of different characters that make up the cast of the drama zombie. According to the official synopsis, the following is described:

“In these six new episodes, we find our survivors trying to rally on their boots after the destruction left by the Whisperers in their wake.”

“Years of fighting weigh on them as past trauma comes to the fore, exposing their most vulnerable sides. By questioning the state of humanity, the state of their collective community, and the state of their minds, will they find the inner strength to support their lives, friends, and groups intact?

In the additional 6 episodes of season 10, it is planned to reveal the connection between Maggie and the masked man known as Elijah ( Okea Eme-Akwari ) who first appeared in the last episode aired in October “A Certain Doom.”

With the narration on Negan’s past, fans are also eagerly awaiting the special appearance of his late wife Lucille, played by Hilarie Burton.

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