The Walking Dead Season 10: Have You Noticed This Awesome Parallel Between Lydia and Carol?

MD Sahan
MD Sahan

A few hours after revealing to you THE most murderous character of the 10 seasons of The Walking Dead, this time we come back to 2 characters who also have a remarkable story. These are Lydia and Carol, a duo that has gone through a lot of hardships and which promises us some more intense exchanges in the sequel. Bonded by their love for Henry, Carol and Lydia both have a strong character and impressive survival instincts. Yet each of their stories also weighs heavily on their shoulders and pushed them to want to end their lives so as not to suffer anymore.

So at the end of season 9 of The Walking Dead, Carol comes to the aid of Lydia who leaves alone in the cold to kill herself in the middle of the war against the Whisperers and after discovering the atrocious acts committed by her mother Alpha. Carol’s outstretched hand solidifies an already touching relationship, which continues to build through betrayals and forgiveness. And it is in the false season finale of season 10 of The Walking Dead that Lydia has the opportunity to save Carol in turn. After leading the giant horde to the edge of a cliff, Carol is reluctant to jump in turn. It’s Lydia who manages to bring her back to reality and saves her life.

The scene in Season 10 echoes that in Season 9 and once again shows the similarities in Carol and Lydia’s journeys. Despite an impressive strength of character, they are constantly fighting against inner demons who sometimes manage to gain the upper hand and it is thanks to the other that they have – for the moment – managed to get out of it. It is with this kind of poignant plot that The Walking Dead gets to harness the potential of its characters, and we hope that it will continue on this path in the sequel. While waiting to find out, we invite you to discover the real timeline of The Walking Dead universe right here.

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