The Orville, Teases That Her Character Has A Lot To Say When The Popular Series Returns For Season 3.

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Jessica Szohr, who performs Talla Keyali in The Orville, teases that her personality will have lots to say once season 3 premieres. Created by Seth MacFarlane, that also leads the series, The Orville combines science fiction with humor and drama. It is set on the titular spacecraft, a mid-level exploratory vessel, and it chronicles the adventures of the boat’s crew as they explore other planets and visit different parts of the galaxy. The show is largely affected by the Star Trek franchise, which it parodies and homages often.

Szohr, who was known for playing Vanessa on Gossip Girl, was approached by MacFarlane to join The Orville in 2018. The celebrity eventually appeared as a part of year two, making her debut in the episode”All the World is Birthday Cake”. Talla replaces the character of Alara Kitan (Halston Sage), in the Wake of Kitan’s resignation as Chief of Security on the USS Orville. Sharing some traits with her predecessor, Talla can sometimes come across as a lonely figure. But she is also confident and unafraid to speak her mind, something which Szohr has teased in a brand new social media post.

On her Instagram, Szohr submitted a photograph that showed that she dressed up as Talla. From the caption, the actress notes that she is excited about returning for The Orville and hinting that her character is going to have a big part to play in the upcoming season. Szohr additionally notes that she looks forward to being on set with her daughter, Bowie Ella, who was born in January. You may take a look at the post below.

Szohr’s comments are in line with what has been announced previously regarding The Orville season 3. The season is intended to have an increase in two-part episodes. In the same vein, although the third installment will have just 11 episodes, which will be a decrease from prior installments, each incident will run anywhere from 12 to 15 minutes longer. These shifts are in conjunction with the show’s move from Fox to Hulu. The Orville has experienced its fair share of flaws as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. After starting production in December, the series was shut down because of a coronavirus spike in January. But now, given Szohr’s article, it looks like manufacturing is prepared to start up once more.

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After the show does return, fans can expect something different. MacFarlane has suggested that, when season 3 does premiere, it is going to be cemented as separate and apart from its Star Trek trappings. Considering how long it’s been since a new variant of The Orville aired, with season 2 wrap up in April 2019, ideally, fans will not have much more time to discover what’s in store for Talla along with other characters.

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