The New Adventures of Sabrina season 4 Netflix Has Finally Announced its canceled

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The 4th season ” The New Adventures of Sabrina ” promises to be the last . This is what Netflix finally announced! MCE tells you more.

Netflix has announced bad news for all fans of the series. The episodes of ” The New Adventures of Sabrina” will not be repeated! The fans then show their disappointments!

In 2018, the series had yet another reboot of the Saga of the Witch’s Apprentice. And it was Netflix that took care of it. But today the platform no longer wishes to continue producing the series.

The series quickly found its audience on the platform. But now Netflix signs the end of the clap! Despite everything, the platform announces the release of the 4th season.

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The platform has therefore made its choice. Luckily for the fans, there are already 8 episodes ready! They will then be available in the fall of 2020. But what are the reasons?

Fans of the show don’t understand. However, there is a reason! Indeed, Netflix prefers to end its productions when the episodes exceed 30. This often happens very quickly!

Netflix is ​​well known for preferring short series to long series. Sabrina’s new adventures therefore did not last long.

Contracts and premiums often increase above this limit. So it would cost Netflix more! In total, the series therefore has 36 episodes.

In addition, the series does not make much for the platform. The elimination of the series is therefore not surprising! Despite everything, the fans display their dissatisfaction.

A petition has therefore been launched! More than 12,000 people signed in just 24 hours. It is enormous  One thing is certain, Netflix will not give in… To be continued

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