The Medium – Official Trailer For “9 Uncanny Facts

Rishabh Shetty
Rishabh Shetty

The Medium is a game about unraveling a mystery. A terrifying secret that stretches further and deeper than our real world. But The Medium’s story is more than what you’ll see on screen. Discover 9 totally weird facts about The Medium that make the game even more exciting … and real!

Ahead of The Medium’s launch, Bloober Team released a brand new trailer for the upcoming game. The trailer details nine weird facts about the game, including the fact that The Medium may be set in the same universe as Bloober Team’s Observer: System Redux.

Marianne’s house, where the game begins, is located in a real apartment building in Krakow, Poland, “says Michal Napora, member of the Bloober Team community in the video.” Oddly, the same building – or rather, what it will look like in 2084.

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Admittedly, this isn’t a real confirmation that the two games exist in the same universe, especially as Napora goes on to say several facts later that The Medium is hiding secret Easter Eggs and references to its previous games. That said, the location’s appearance in The Medium is eerily similar to how it appears in Observer – it certainly looks like the two games are simply decades apart.

There are a few more interesting facts in the video. For example, Napora explains that the white energy pulsed on protagonist Marianna’s arm actually measures how much spiritual energy she has left. By using physical indicators on their character, Bloober Team is able to remove any user interface from the game. For all nine facts, you’ll have to watch the trailer.

Medium is slated for launch for Xbox Series X | S and PC January 28 – the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. In the video above, Napora describes the game as an 8-10 hour experience, which is a bit longer than the 3-6 hour horror games that Bloober Team typically does.

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