“The Last of Us” Giraffe Is Real And His Name Is Nabo

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

The Giraffe from, “The Last Of Us” Season 1 Finale is real despite many movie critics claiming it to be CGI. The giraffe’s name is Nabo and he is originally from Alberta, Canada. When questioned if they used a real giraffe, the show’s location manager said, “A Giraffe can be created in visual effects, but it is not the same as in real life.” Joel and Ellie have just arrived in Salt Lake City and are investigating the area when Ellie notices something delicious. She saw a cheerful, healthy giraffe eating leaves that grew out of a bombed-up structure. Sarah and Joel approach the giraffe, feeding and stroking it, and later see a giraffe herd roaming the city.

‘The Last Of Us’-Why Giraffe Scene Is Important

It’s a lovely scene with Joel, Ellie, and a giraffe. There are no earth-shattering revelations or adrenaline-pumping action set pieces. The scene resembles the scene’s serenity and tranquility. Which, along with its placement in the greater perspective of The Last of Us, is a crucial component of its beauty.

Ellie is distant and quiet when we first see her in the season finale, shaken by her terrifying encounter with David. But as she sees Nabo, all of her anguish fades. The scene replaced all of the previous episodes’ fear with a sense of wonder.

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Ellie gets to be a carefree child again as she feeds and chats with the giraffe for a brief while. Joel looks at her, and the expression on his face shows how much he cares for her and how important it is for him to see her happy. The giraffe scenes with simple serenity are also a pleasant relief after the rest of the show’s despair and gloom. Cannibals, fires, and child predators were all featured in Episode 8. A little break with the animals is an excellent opportunity to regroup and share some delight with our characters.

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The giraffe herd not only cheers up Ellie but also represents a bigger kind of hope for the world. If there is a chance for them, perhaps there is hope for Joel and Ellie and humanity as well. The Giraffe in one of the scenes gives the viewers a short bliss. Despite having scenes full of death and destruction. One of the episodes in the series finale contains a pleasant scene. In The Last Of Us, which was released in 2013-everyone agreed that this particular scene has brought brilliant addition. Even IGN referred to the scene as; the most important scene in the whole series.

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