“The Kerala Story” film will not be banned as Kerala High Court rejects the plea for ban

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Kerala High Court denies the ban for movie "The Kerala Story"

“The Kerala Story”, a contentious movie directed by Sudipto Sen, was not banned on Friday by the Kerala High Court. This occurs at the same time as a division bench of the Kerala High Court heard and dismissed a plea opposing the screening of the divisive movie. The petition requested that the film’s Central Board of Film Classification (CBFC) “A” classification be removed.

The Kerala Story’s premiere was not postponed by a division bench of the Kerala High Court. Despite the film’s controversial trailer.

The movie’s trailer claimed that tens of thousands of non-muslim women from  Kerala joined radical groups like the Islamic State.

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The petitioners dismissed it as false and unrelated to reality. The assertions made in the film that 32,000 women were converted and dispatched to terror operations. The “The Kerala Story” producer informed the Kerala High Court that the trailer for the film will be taken down from their social media accounts because it implied that over 32,000 women from Kerala had been recruited by ISIS. According to Live Law, the statement was recorded by the High Court.

People who are now against the movie describe it as absurd. The movie’s creators, though, are not prepared to compromise. Mohammed Nias C P and N Nagaresh made up the bench.

This is related to the Indian Supreme Court’s Thursday denial of a request. To modify the movie’s disclaimer from “true story” to “fiction.”

Kerala High Court Orders

The petitioners were previously instructed by the Indian Supreme Court to take the case up with Kerala High Court. Additionally, the petitioners asserted that the statements featured in the movie trailer will shatter the foundation of the state’s secularism.

The film certification agency stated in its counter affidavit submitted to the high court. That the film does not claim the authenticity of facts related to historical events. Clearing the air amid the debate that has gathered great traction not just in the Indian southern state but in all regions of the nation.

It was further stated that the movie was not insulting to any living or deceased individuals, groups, religions, or communities. According to the organization that certifies films. All of the events have also been confirmed and supported by historians, specialists, and several news sources.

An earlier request for a prohibition on the release of “The Kerala Story” was similarly denied by the Madras High Court.
“What’s with you arriving so late? We could have asked someone to see the video and make a decision if you had arrived sooner. The movie has not yet been watched by you. How is it possible to assume there will be issues? The High Court has previously taken on the issue, as well. This case is being dismissed, sir. According to Justice Chandira, the Supreme Court and the Kerala High Court have already handled the issue.

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