‘The Good Doctor’: COVID Trauma and More at First Look at New Episodes

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Good Doctor will continue to explore the consequences of the coronavirus . Season 4 of the medical drama dedicated the first episodes to narrating the pandemic that the world has experienced in 2020 and on its return from the winter break it will continue to tell different perspectives of the same situation. Now, we will see how Dr. Audrey Lim is struggling to compose herself from what happened .

The TVLine medium has published a first look at the first episodes and has been able to speak with Christina Chang , actress who plays the chief of surgery, about the evolution of her character.

“She’s trying to keep busy in the hospital. Her safe place, ironically, is when she’s in surgery. The first part of this episode is her feeling like, ‘Look, I’m tired, I’m overwhelmed, but everyone is. I have too much. from me, but everyone has it. Every hospital, every chief of hospital and chief of surgery, everyone feels that way. I’m not unique, I’m not special, I’m wearing it. ‘Then he starts to … Well, he can’t. deal with it, “Chang begins to explain.

Her teammates know she’s not going through her prime and Claire is the first to realize it, but Lim keeps trying to maintain her professional stance. ” What’s so interesting about this dynamic is that Lim needs to balance her relationship with Claire with being her boss . There’s a hierarchy, so she’s probably less vulnerable with Claire or at least trying to be, than if they were just companions “. We all know that trying to hide feelings and putting on a good face never goes well, so the chief of surgery is going to explode at some point.

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In the new episodes we will also see how Shaun tries to overcome the death of Asher’s patient ( Noah Galvin ) . As you may recall, in the previous batch of chapters, Asher made a mistake in diagnosing a man who came in with back pain. Although they managed to fix it, his health deteriorated and he finally passed away. Lim will try to help her worker: “She stands up for Shaun a lot and where she would normally have more patience with him as a beginner, her ability with him is more limited.”

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