The Boys Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Plot And Production Details

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

The Boys Season 3 became a reality once Amazon Prime issued a renewal sequence, before the September premiere of its sophomore run. Speaking of which, much like our reactions to its explosive Season 2 finale, we still have a couple of questions regarding the mega-popular TV series’ potential and, fortunately, a few replies.

The little screen adaptation (but of significant screen quality, nonetheless) of comic book writer Garth Ennis’ gritty socioeconomic satire spanned with a parody of superhero civilization last left usinitially, feeling kind of bittersweet about the paths that both our titular, individual vigilantes along with the unethical costumed “avengers” of The Seven seemed to be carrying. The Boys seem to possess victoriously disbanded and gone onto more satisfying destinies, despite the loss of Billy Butcher’s spouse in the process, while the majority of The Seven (sans The Deep and Stormfront, who got “burnt”) have regrouped with Homelander back beneath Vought’s control. The finale was convinced tease the sociopathic supe’s bad behavior is surely far from over and another danger by a most unlikely source appears to be on the horizon.

The Boys has cemented itself as one of those shows that know how to keep the pot boiling with a single smart, bold plot twist after another – with much credit to its source material, of course. In reality, taking a summit at the Dynamite Entertainment comic book series (previously under DC’s Wildstorm print) will help give us insight into what we have to anticipate in the upcoming third year, among other details from behind the scenes. The following is a full breakdown of all of the confirmed details about Amazon Prime first’s return, starting with when exactly that is.

The Boys Season 3 Premiere Date?

The official premiere date of The Boys’ third season is not something we know for certain right now. Regardless of what some fans might have hoped for, a 2021 release does not seem very promising, especially after the show became one of the many projects whose production schedule was affected by the epidemic of Covid-19 in 2020. Thus, until we receive a confirmed date on which Season 3 is going to be available for Amazon Prime Video subscribers (and shameless moochers) to stream, an early 2022 release may be exactly what we could most likely anticipate, considering how recently the show went back into creation.

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Production On The Boys Season 3

After initial projections that shooting would commence in January 2021 or in the next February, the latter demonstrated correct as The Boys’ third season is now in production in Toronto on Tuesday, February 16. The intriguing news also comes after series celebrity Jack Quaid teased his return to something which “rhymes with Buh Toys Season Shree” in a selfie posted to Instagram in January of the celebrity to a plane wearing a T-Shirt bearing Gene Wilder’s Young Frankenstein character along with a protective face mask. This reflects the shoot’s “highly examined, PPE, zone controlled, socially distanced” set, as promised by co-star Karl Urban within his own similar Instagram article from after that month.

The Boys Season 3 Plot

This is something that we can talk a bit more in-depth about, but, admittedly, with just so many details – most of which are based on the cast’s opinions over how Season 2 left off things and a few teases from showrunner Eric Kripke. For instance, the EP tweeted that a photo of the Season 3 premiere script, bearing the name “Payback,” which is something a few particular characters must be craving in light of recent events, which I will elaborate on shortly.

Eric Kripke also took to Twitter to announce he has shot fans’ dares to accommodate a risqué miniseries spin-off from The Boys comedian called Herogasm, in which supes take part in a corporate-sponsored orgy to a distant island, for Season 3’s sixth installment. He’s also mentioned how much material our reality has given as of late, meaning we may have the ability to expect a tiny Boys-style pandemic-related political satire, that could also be quite fitting for the next seasons confirmed, and supposed, antagonists.

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