The Blacklist season 8 episode 9: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything We Know So Far


Next week’s The Blacklist season 8 episode 9 carries with it the name of ” The Cyranoid,” and this one seems to be somewhat intriguing. We’ve heard so many theories out there indicating that characters might be clones or there are key allies — take, as an example, the thought that the Katarina Rostova who died was a fake.

Well, it is possible that this episode could give some of those theories at some validity… though that doesn’t indicate any of them are true.

Irrespective of whatever this business has done within the past, it is apparent they are causing a lot of problems from the present. Perhaps Liz has contracted them to create a twin of himself; or, perhaps she has got a brand new, fake Reddington out there committing offenses and damaging his general reputation. If we had been the Task Force, we would be extremely worried about what the long-term ramifications could be of this organization — there could eventually be so many criminal doppelgangers that you’re virtually swimming in them!

For all those wondering, we’ve got one more episode of this Blacklist coming until we return to a hiatus. The series has done quite the job as of late of providing us a continuous stream of material to sink our teeth into.

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