The Arrowverse Through The Flash Season 7 As There Are Several Of Them That Exist.

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

The Flash season 7 introduced the Nevertheless Force, Which’s the fourth and latest Cosmic Force in the Arrowverse. Past seasons of this DC TV drama have focused on the Scarlet Speedster going up against different metahumans. While there have been a number of different kinds of dangers, The Flash season 7 is tackling it differently by doing its own spin on a recent storyline in the protagonist’s comic run. The Speed Force has for the longest time turned into a powerful entity in the DC Universe, but it’s no longer the only cosmic energy source. In Joshua Williamson’s story arc Flash War (The Flash #47-50), DC Comics brought to life three new Forces after Wally West attempts breaking up the Speed Force barrier.

Flash War causes these new Forces to be released because Wally attempted to free his trapped children. Even though The Flash didn’t have that specific circumstance, they did bring to life three extra energy sources when Iris West restored the Speed Force. Since Iris had been a speedster quite briefly, she’d managed to gain a number of their energy from the original Speed Force. Owing to that, she managed to stabilize the Artificial Speed Force that Team Flash had generated. But that arrived with a consequence as the three New Forces were also born at precisely the same moment. With the creation of the Power Force, Sage Force, and Still Force, The Flash season 7 has to have a very distinct main antagonist following Mirror Master.

Instead of having just one big lousy, The Flash currently gets the opportunity to have the New Forces as a united threat. Despite the fact that they are using humans as their conduits, simply the notion of having cosmic forces as villains remain refreshing to the Arrowverse. As soon as it’s a slight departure from the comics, it makes sense in the context of The Flash to have new energy resources unintentionally created, when doing something as large as resurrecting the Speed Force. It is unclear if those are the sole Forces that will be introduced into the Arrowverse during The Flash’s arc. But has The Flash established the Speed Force, Strength Force, Sage Force, and Nevertheless Force in comparison to the comic book?

Strength Force

The first new cosmic power that got introduced in The Flash season 7 is the Strength Force whose conduit came in”Central City Strong.” Though the conduit’s initial appearance is short, it is established later on that this is the Arrowverse’s interpretation of DC Comics’ Fuerza. What this particular Force involves is increased inclusion of power that goes beyond just being able to lift heavy things. Anyone who receives a link to the Strength Force becomes changed physically since they literally increase in size. The Strength Force bestows the skills to its conduits by swallowing an individual on the Earth’s surface. In Fuerza’s case, she was so strong that she could cause shockwaves by hitting on the floor. The CW’s take on Fuerza might demonstrate comparable strength that the next time she looks.

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In the comics, the Power Force is heavily dependent on gravity and the power of movement. That would also allow the conduits to really control the Earth itself in which they could craft rocks as a weapon. While a Power Force user does get their muscles and overall physically changed, Fuerza learned how to maintain her regular dimensions. In her case, it was related to having to maintain calm as that would stop Fuerza’s dimension from expanding. When Barry first struggles with Fuerza during her Arrowverse introduction, he discovers that she is able to absorb his lightning energy. Even Abra Kadabra’s Anti-Matter bomb was something Fuerza managed to absorb without it destroying her.

Sage Force

Following the coming of the Strength Force, The Flash season 7, episode 5″Fear Me” brought in the Sage Force whose conduit became the DC Comics character Psych. This cosmic source focuses and enriches the minds of its wielders. While the Power Force is all about gravity and movement, the Sage Force instead grants an individual various types of psychic abilities. Apart from boosting the intelligence, a Sage Force user such as Psych could use their relationship to also perform a variety of acts of telekinesis, as well as eventually become a telepath. Bashir a.k.a. Psych may read people’s minds, making it hard to surprise him, while also assault them emotionally. Sage Force conduits possess the ability to also control minds while also tricking people to fall into their own illusions.

The Arrowverse’s take on Psych has got the villain using his abilities to make folks in Central City undergo their worst fears. But because of how strong Psych’s mind-abilities are, even if a victim was just experiencing their horrors inside their mind, he might push it up to now that it could result in physical harm. After the Flash goes up against Psych, he forces Barry to need to become haunted by Reverse-Flash and Savitar. After Savitar stabs Barry, Psych actually resulted in the Flash believing it was true and also the hero ended up being hurt in the actual world. Despite Barry’s healing, the fact that Psych got him to feel Savitar had chased him shows how dangerous he is. But Barry was able to defeat Psych with Cecile Horton’s help, stopping the Sage Force conduit for the time being.

Still Force

Even though the Strength Force and Sage Force got established before it, the Still Force was technically born in The Flash year 7, episode 2″The speed of Thought.” In the comic books, the Nevertheless Force is able to prompt or advance entropy. A conduit that’s connected to that origin may either slow or accelerate its aging process as well as others. It also enables a user to suck life-force-energy from people and living things, making it difficult to stop them. Gorilla Grodd was connected to the Nevertheless Force where he was able to halt the whole world from becoming larger. Aside from Grodd, The Turtle, in Addition to Steadfast, has also managed to utilize the Still Force. The Arrowverse’s depiction of the Nevertheless Force is similar while also having a couple of differences.

In The Flash season 7, episode 6″ The One With The Nineties”, Cisco Ramon and Chester Runk unintentionally get trapped in a 1998 version of Masonville. But unlike The Flash’s regular time traveling, they got hit by a huge green energy wave which ends up taking them back into the’90s. They eventually meet Deon Owens who is the Still Force’s conduit as he is causing a time pocket at which he could relive the better parts of his life. However, Deon was not the first one to demonstrate that this power as”The Speed of Thought” resurrects the original Harrison Wells through the same green energy. Harrison shows that he’s able to immerse himself into any moment in his personal past, current, or future which is the reason he belongs to relive his minutes with Tess, his wife.

Speed Force

The Speed Force is your cosmic entity that speedsters get their super-speed from that also enables them to carry out extraordinary moves. It includes benefits like slowing aging, accelerated healing, increased reflexes, traveling between alternative realities, and running back or forward in time. Speedsters are therefore some of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe which has been revealed on The Flash. In the Arrowverse, however, the Speed Force got sick because of Barry’s Spectre-infused energy that overwhelmed his power supply during Crisis on Infinite Earths. Owing to that, the Speed Force actually died causing Team Flash to have to invent an artificial one so Barry could still be The Flash.

Initially, after Nash Wells and the Multiverse-Harrisons sacrificed themselves to power it up, the Artificial Speed Force came together with pros and cons. It gave Barry the energy of speed-thinking, but the longer he used it, the less human he became as it murdered his psychological component. The Flash was therefore made to ruin it so he would become himself again and really feel things. That’s where Iris came in as she was able to utilize the original Speed Force energy she had left to power and stabilize it. But a Speed Force storm recreated the original cosmic entity that nonetheless had the form of Barry’s dead mum, Nora Allen, following its departure in The Flash season 6.

Because it is still early on, there is going to be revealed eventually about the Strength Force, Sage Force, and Still Force in addition to their respective conduits. While Fuerza’s first look at The Flash was brief, it would not be shocking if she looks different the next time she shows up. Comparable to her comic counterpart, Fuerza may actually learn to restrain her physiological dimensions so that she can look a bit more human again, while still being strong. It is also not entirely impossible that the New Forces will birth new consumers in Central City apart from Fuerza, Psych, and Deon. Just they had been the first three that Team Flash has encountered doesn’t signify they’ll be the sole representatives. Depending on how much they’re getting, the New Forces could be reaching individuals out of Central City also, making this a bigger challenge for The Flash season 7.

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