The 100’s Eliza Taylor Is Coming To The Orville In Season 3?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Fans of this comedy-drama science fiction series, The Orville, have been impatiently waiting for the third season to begin. or even news that the next season is underway or round the corner. Season two ended quite a while ago, and we are all still waiting. While we don’t have an exact release date for it, thanks to CBR, we have some information pertinent to season three, specifically about the transfer to Hulu as it does return.

There Will Only Be Eleven Episodes

Season 1, which debuted in September 2017, consisted of twelve episodes, and season two had two. So while the fewer incidents may be disappointing, there’s some fantastic news regarding the season.

The Episodes Will Be Longer

Each episode is going to be twelve to fifteen minutes longer. If you factor that in, it averages out to approximately thirteen episodes timewise. This will allow for more character development and much more fleshed-out storylines so there are not any strings left-handed.

Get Ready For A Mature Rating

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the series will soon be airing first on Hulu unlike when it aired on Fox. Hulu, such as most streaming services, is notorious for upping the adult content in regards to its own series.

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Episodes Will Release Weekly

This one stings a bit. With a release on Hulu, we’re anticipating being able to binge all the episodes simultaneously. Regrettably, that isn’t going to take place. Instead, the episodes will launch each week as they did on Fox. It’ll be disappointing for those of us who only started watching The Orville on Hulu, however, we will adapt.

And, as a final piece of news, The Orville’s Jessica Szohr, who performs chief of security Talla Keyali, did only share an update on her Instagram. Although she doesn’t state when everyone will be returning, hopefully, production is not taking off now.

Together with CBR reporting the Orville has a tentative return date for generation for the latter half of this year, there is a good chance we may not find season three until 2022. Hopefully, I’m wrong, and we get a happy surprise using at least a few episodes arriving before Thanksgiving!

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