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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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The episode begins with Dadi announcing that Thapki and Purab are finally getting married. Priyanka makes fun of Thapki and Purab. Sapna says that this time, marriage will be private. She gives Thapki her mother’s necklace. Priyanka, according to Thapki, deserves it. Priyanka insists that she is the one who deserves it. Sapna requests that she should wear it to her wedding. Dadi tells Sapna that she feels proud to see her. Jaya arrives and expresses her delight at seeing them. Purab asks Jaya to stand by him as others do for Thapki. Jaya beams. Servant informs everyone that Sargam has awakened.

Everyone goes to Sargam and apologises for their inability to protect her. Priyanka requests that Sargam be allowed to speak. Sargam claims it is her responsibility to apologise to everyone. She apologises to everyone, especially Thapki, for not being able to support her when she needed it. Veena suggests that we find the truth and forget about the incident in order to move on.

Sargam claims she can’t move on until she apologises to Thapki and Purab and claims she has no idea what happened. Anshul tells her the entire story of how they were rescued from Hansika. Sargam expresses regret to Thapki and Purab. They say it’s fine, and that’s why they’re getting married for the third time. Anshul says this no Ghoonghat. Purab feeds cupcakes to Sargam.

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Jaya performs rituals and tells them she is delighted to marry them with all rituals. She informs Purab that he is now her son and gives Thapki her mother’s saree. Veena’s saree completely envelops Thapki. Jaya compliments her appearance.

The Moment When Anshul Responds Whether He Loved Urvashi in Thapki Pyar Ki

Anshul notices Sargam and wonders why she sits so far away from the others. Sargam claims she realised what love is after seeing her and Purab. Anshul responds, “True, and I loved Urvashi because she is similar to you, but she betrayed me because she is a thief, and I filed a complaint against her.” Sargam laughs and says it’s difficult to find love like Purab and Thapki. Anshul implies that they can try. Sargam beams.

Priyanka instructs Sagar to focus on his work rather than on her. Sagar expresses his inability to concentrate on anything after leaving her. Everyone becomes preoccupied with wedding preparations. Purab forces her to dress up by making her wear the jewellery. She beams. He kisses her on the cheek and tells her how lucky he is to have her as his wife. She beams. Veena and Jaya interject and invite them to come downstairs when they are ready.

Thapki is brought to the mandap by Purab. Both get married in front of their families, with all the rituals. They then seek the blessing of the elders. According to Pandit, the marriage is complete. Let’s take a selfie, says Priyanka. The show concluded with a selfie of all of the family members.

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