Written Update of Apna Time Bhi Ayega Updates Upcoming Story

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Written Update: The episode begins with Jai Singh telling Nandini that she has ruined his game and that he must act quickly before Rani plays her game

He claims I went to great lengths to obtain Rajawat’s fortune. Jai, according to Nandini, you have betrayed me. Jai asks her to lower her voice. Veer and others arrive. Rajeshwari gives him a slap. Rani requests that Nandini slap him. Nandini slaps him and says, “I hate you because you betrayed me.” Inspector arrives and invites Jai to accompany them. Jai inquires, “What is my crime?” Inspector claims to have committed fraud against the royal family, cheated the girl, and so on.

Jai inquires as to the proofs. Rani displays the recorded evidence and his confession. So this was your plan, and you fooled me, he says. Yes, Rani says, you were a fool already, you could have torn the papers. Jai begs Nandini to keep him out of jail. Rani requests that he apologise later and calls her. Champa arrives and accuses Jai of beating Nandini and forcing her to do housework, among other things. Rani recalls asking Champa to make a statement against Jai because he is unfaithful to his parents and wife. Rani wonders what the point of this relationship is if there is no respect. Jai expresses regret to Nandini.

Nandini claims that she is tired of dragging this relationship. Rajeshwari wonders why you didn’t tell me. Nandini says she doesn’t want to bother him. Jai begs his mother to help him. I don’t want to look at you, according to his mother. He then requests that Nandini and Champa save him. Rani says it won’t look good if the black heart guy goes to jail with a clean face. While he tries to resist, she blackens his face. The inspector transports him. Rajeshwari apologizes to Rani for trusting Jai Singh but not her.

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Written Update Apna Time Bhi Ayega

Rajeshwari claims she now have two daughters. Rajeshwari is hugged by Nandini and Rani. Nandini claims that my brother’s wedding was lavish. Rani suggests shaking hands and making a fresh start.

Rani wonders why Vikram and Kiara haven’t returned and calls him. She believes there is no network and has no idea where he has gone. She wonders where they went and becomes concerned. Kajri is about to marry Vikram forcibly and tells Kiara that she doesn’t care about her and will go 7 rounds with Vikram. Vikram requests that Kajri refrains from doing so. Kajri states that she does not want to do anything wrong and that she will not be forced to take any wrong steps. She says I can do whatever I want. She begins to go around with him. Kiara holds the recorder and pauses the mantras.

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