Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na Written Episode Update: Krisha causes trouble everywhere.

Insha Fatima
Insha Fatima

Scene 1

The customers are greeted by Krisha at her eatery. She presents a pair of roses. Rahul, everything is good, says her pal. I wish it would stay that way. I understand you are saying that I haven’t messed up or ruined anything, but I won’t, says Krisha. I promised Singh Uncle I’d take care of the catering. watch how joyful everyone is. When she turns around, the plate lands on a man. Singh enters. As per Krisha, nothing was broken. You constantly cause problems, he claims. You may sour the restaurant supper, so I brought you here to oversee the café. You should return home; we’ll take care of everything.

Scene 2

Krisha tries to support her pal. Krisha admires the couple’s compatibility as she observes them. Soon the man will ask her out. And their children will be adorable. You keep dreaming, according to Rani. Unlike a storybook, this is the real world. But we can see dreams, claims Kisha. When you see them, they satisfy. I want a charming prince riding a white horse. Devraj is now on a cruise. My prince charming, according to Krisha, will dress differently. He’ll go far to get to me. Devraj claims that if I desire anything, I don’t consider the cost. I desire this inn. You keep dreaming, Rani says. I’m heading to the hotel to greet the visitor. Rani overlooks the flowers. Krisha feels anxious. She heads there to hand it to her.

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Scene 3

Devraj is the invited visitor. Everyone is prepared to greet him. Krisha stumbles. Flowers and wreaths are thrown on top of him. He gives her an angry look. Singh commands Krisha to step aside.

Why do you always make a mess, asks Krisha’s mother?

She adds, “But.” I know you said you wanted to assist, her mother continues. Check your work. You put Singh in danger. After your father’s accident, he did a lot for you. It was a mistake, claims Krisha. Shiv, her father, says it’s alright. It’s an error. According to Shukla, she did it in front of the man who was there to purchase the property. Her brother claims she demanded payment. Perhaps she did this to draw his attention. Krisha pursues Yash on foot. God, Krisha asks, “Did you make me for your amusement?” I keep getting things wrong. I continue dreaming after that. My life should resemble a fairytale. Is it inappropriate to dream about a significant other? The one who puts themselves before me. I’m not sure when he would show up.

Scene 4

Devraj remembers Krisha as he examines the wreath. He beams. Krisha arrives at the inn. Singh advises Krisha to exercise caution. They have great wealth. Don’t commit any errors. In the restaurant, Krisha observes a man. She remembers him misbehaving around his wife. She claims there is a problem. Singh advises Krisha that there should be no error. Because of your father, I granted you this position. He claims that Mr. Devraj will decide today whether or not to purchase the hotel. Krisha turns to face Devraj. He emerges and greets each waiter individually. Singh advises you to avoid him. He is, according to Krisha. Rahul works for him. Meets the kids is Devraj. He circles the hotel to inspect it. Krisha notices him and becomes anxious. Please hold these flowers, Rahul says to Krish. I must leave. Do you know anything about Mr. Dewan, she asks Rahul. I am becoming late, he claims.

Krisha brings the flowers upstairs. The flowers are kept there by her. She considers Devraj. That’s where Krisha stores the champagne. I should open it, she advises. Devraj exits the bathroom. Krisha unlocks it. On him, the champagne spills. What are you doing here, asks Krisha. To store this bottle, I came here. You may stay with us. She bumps into him. He grips her. This is my room, he claims. Yes, Krisha responds. Krisha exits.

In a black cap, a girl is seen departing by Krisha. She bumps into her. She drops a pistol from her purse. A suite is mentioned by the girl. She is given guidance by Krisha. She walks over to Devraj’s bedroom. She uses the doorbell. Why am I such a mess, asks Krisha. She stands in the elevator line. The young woman aims for a pistol in Devraj’s room. To open the door, he approaches.




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