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Seema Rai
Seema Rai

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This week’s Tera Mera Saath Rahe episode begins with Gopika telling Saksham that she and Saksham are concerned about everyone except Ashi, and they both decide to go see Ashi. Ashi enters Shradha’s room. She slaps her and calls her characterless when Shradha tells her that, unlike her, she is not after Chirag’s money. Saksham and Gopika accompany Ashi.

Saksham begs Ashi to forgive Chirag, but the latter questions whether he will. She then announces that she is leaving the house and begins packing. Ashi has left the house, according to Gopika. Mithila tells Chirag that he must stop being careless and take his responsibilities seriously in order to bring Ashi home. Later, Modi is concerned about how they will resolve this issue.

Ramila suggests that Ashi divorce Chirag and demand alumni from him, but the latter is irritated because she is thinking about money when her life is at stake. Shradha considers the insults directed at her and resolves to secure her and Kesari’s rights by marrying Chirag. Mithila calls Saksham and Gopika and informs them that she will be attending an ashram for a few days and asks them to handle family matters.

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Gopika becomes emotional, but promises to restore order. Chirag travels to Ashi’s house. Ramila requests that he either kick Shradha and Kesari out of the house or grant Ashi a divorce in exchange for half of their property. Ashi appears and scolds Ramila, prompting the latter to leave. She then instructs Chirag to have Shradha and Kesari leave the house before she returns. Chirag becomes upset and depressed.

Tejal informs Ramila that Ashi’s marriage is in jeopardy and begs her to understand, but the latter accuses her of attempting to save the Modis. Hiten stands up for Tejal. Later, Shradha informs Saksham and Gopika of her decision to marry Chirag in response to Ashi’s insult.

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