Tekashi 6ix9ine Brutally Attack and beaten by a group of men in South Florida gym

Savey Wangkit Lepcha
Savey Wangkit Lepcha

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine suffered a vicious attack from a gang of men at a South Florida gym. The rapper required an ambulance to take him to the hospital because of his severe injuries. It was possible to see some of the events on video. One man continually strikes Tekashi as the rapper attempts to shield his face. Staff members picked up on the ruckus coming from the gym and immediately called the management. After requesting aid from the police and EMS, he was subsequently driven by an ambulance to a hospital.


You can see Tekashi’s facial injuries, including gashes and puffiness, in a photo that was taken of him in the hospital. His back, ribs, and jaw are reportedly among the other injuries he sustained. It’s presently unknown whether Tekashi’s collaboration had anything to do with the gym attack.

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6ix9ine need protection 

6ix9ine’s attorney, Lance Lazzaro, claims that the rapper was abruptly attacked by multiple males on Tuesday at a LA Fitness while he was in the sauna. Despite his best attempts, Lazzaro reports that 6ix9ine was beaten to a pulp by the spectators before fleeing. According to Lance, security was not there when 6ix9ine was attacked. The next step for Lazzaro is to contact the federal authorities to ensure that 6ix9ine receives the protection he obviously needs. Recall that he was given early release from federal jail after helping law enforcement apprehend a number of his fellow gang members.

The news of Tekashi 6ix9ine being brutally attacked inside a gym sauna is celebrated by his rivals. The Louisiana rapper posted the video on Twitter with the caption. “Lmao SNITCHES GET STITCHES,” and later added, “real ones” should get rewards.

Chief Keef laughed at the circumstances as well. He responded to 6ix9ine’s criticism with a pair of smiling emojis, gaining over 1 million views. Boosie seized the opportunity to call out all rap snitching. He demanded that a GoFundMe account should be started for 6ix9ine for unidentified assailants.

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