Taylor Swift entitled to speak About Her Weight

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift sparked outrage with the release of her new album Midnights last week. The music video for her song “Anti-Hero” features her walking on a scale with the word “fat” showing at one point. Twitter went into a frenzy over whether this was fatphobia or a criticism of the fatphobia that is so prevalent in our communities. As far as I know, has not addressed the matter. Which just serves to make her appear worse. Not as awful as James Corden admitting he doesn’t care about the reports about him being a jerk to others, but still bad.

Lizzo and Beyoncé have listened to criticism about their usage of ableist language, apologised, and taken those phrases out of their works when attacked for it. When you genuinely care about your audience, it appears simple to do.

Taylor has also been compared to other successful musicians

I’m not a Swiftie, you see. Like to sing along to some of her songs. And  do have “Shake It Off” on several of my workout playlists.  Just don’t like it. I tried several times to listen to a few of her CDs. They just don’t grab me. Although I genuinely want them to they refuse.

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Maybe I’m simply stuck on Taylor’s country-influenced beginnings because I detested them so much. We really don’t get it in Europe or over here in Latin America since it’s such a very American approach.  I believe we have all encountered the slender lady who previously gained a few extra pounds before losing them, and who now views that period of time as the worst of their lives.

“Listen to me, I used to be obese! Just allow me to share with you how you can achieve success as I have! And for these folks, being in shape always equates to success and happiness.

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